An American company has launched a new type of ref

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A company in the United States has launched a new type of refrigerator frozen fresh-keeping bag

food frozen in the refrigerator can not only prevent its deterioration, but also cause the degradation of food color, aroma and taste. Especially when the refrigerator stores pork, poultry and other foods, deep freezing will destroy the tissue structure of meat, fade the color of fresh meat and make the food tasteless. So how to prevent the screw torque of the refrigerator from exceeding the red standard and damaging delicious food due to improper freezing? A manufacturer of household vacuum packaging machine in San Francisco recently announced that its "Friends of food" packaging bag can better prevent food from freezing and deterioration in the refrigerator. The conclusion is that a rigid polyurethane foam GB10800, 9, is obtained from the experimental research by another independent Microbiological Technology Research Institute. Research shows that the food vacuum packaged with "Friends of food" has a better ability to resist freezing deterioration than the widely used reusable sealing, but the dosage may fluctuate after all: for example, the fresh-keeping ability of plastic food bags is much stronger

in order to test the performance of this kind of fresh-keeping bag, they took chicken and beef as experimental objects. After vacuum packaging with "Friends of food" packaging bag and two kinds of refrigerator fresh-keeping bags commonly used in the market, they carried out a comparative experiment on the preservation under the common freezing temperature of family refrigerator. The experimental results are as follows: after four weeks of freezing, the chicken and beef preserved in "Friends of food" vacuum packaging have no weight loss and no ice chips on the bag wall, There is no obvious deterioration such as discoloration, while the weight of chicken and beef packaged in the other two kinds of refrigerator fresh-keeping bags is significantly reduced, the bag wall is frozen, and the freezing deterioration visible to the naked eye is found after two weeks of freezing

"Friends of food" is a fresh-keeping bag specially designed and produced by the company for a vacuum packaging machine. Its advantage is to make full use of commercial vacuum to preserve food so as not to be oxidized directly exposed to the air. It is composed of three walls, one of which is nylon to improve strength. It is a patented technology of the company, which makes it easier to pump air into the wall of the bag. "Friends of food" vacuum packaging bag is freeze-resistant, can be heated by microwave, can also be boiled, washed, or re sealed

"Friends of food" vacuum packaging bag and vacuum packaging machine can keep food from deterioration, and the frozen storage time is 3 ~ 5 times longer than that of ordinary fresh-keeping bag. This technological achievement will change the way food is preserved in the kitchen

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