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Wuhan intangible cultural heritage harvest Pakistan little fans

release date: Source: Wuhan Evening News

sculpt the zodiac with mud, embroider flowers and plants on silk, write "Wuhan intangible cultural heritage" with a brush, take a group photo with a beautiful oil paper umbrella and line up to learn boxing... On September 14, the Wu Han traditional intangible cultural heritage exhibition entered Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, with Chinese embroidery, Huangpi clay sculpture, Yang Hongmen boxing, double hook calligraphy Su Hengtai oil paper umbrella and other intangible cultural heritage inheritors showed their skills on site, attracting many Pakistani students to "learn" on site

this is one of the annual cultural and tourism exchange and cooperation projects between Wuhan and Pakistan China cultural center. On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, the Wuhan traditional intangible cultural heritage exhibition and the charming Wuhan photography exhibition held in Islamabad let the Pakistani people experience the excellent traditional culture and beautiful urban scenery of Wuhan

"the Pakistani children who came to the exhibition that day studied very hard and had a good time." Hu zuolin, the inheritor of Huangpi clay sculpture, said that he first introduced the origin of the zodiac culture, its status and role in Chinese traditional culture to the middle school students participating in the activity, and then divided them into two groups to teach them how to increase the sales of the special engineering materials business department by 1% and make 12 kinds of zodiac animals made of mud, "or composed of resin and a little rubber, many finished products actually have models and samples". In order to encourage the students, he also sent out 12 clay sculpture works of the Chinese zodiac and 24 sets of clay sculpture tools and mud. "I hope that through the activities, more people can know Wuhan and understand the urban culture of Wuhan."

Ren Wei, the inheritor of Han Embroidery, Fang Qixiong, the inheritor of Yang's Hongmen boxing, Yang Xianyi, the inheritor of double hook calligraphy, and Su Feng, the inheritor of Su Hengtai's oil paper umbrella making technology, also "widely accepted disciples" at the scene to teach children embroidery, boxing, calligraphy and umbrella making, so as to show them the unique charm of Wuhan intangible cultural heritage

1 it is reported that since 2014, Wuhan has been selected into the "ministerial and provincial cooperation" project of the Ministry of culture and tourism for six consecutive years, becoming one of the few cities that directly cooperate and exchange with overseas Chinese cultural centers


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