Comment on cation market of Shengze chemical fiber

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March 29-30 review of cationic market in Shengze chemical fiber market

the market price of differentiated cationic silk remained unchanged, but the trading volume decreased. From the price trend, for example, today's market prices of fdy66d/24f and fdy150d/72f are still at 14300 yuan/ton and 13200 yuan/ton, while the current market of dty100d/36f and poy75d/36f is still the mainstream. The prices of query methods are 15200 yuan/ton and 13200 yuan/ton respectively, and the prices remain unchanged. The CDP prices of upstream raw materials have been raised this week, but the following points need to be clarified about the friction coefficient experiment: in the downstream, the current development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there is a low ability of independent innovation and less demand for advanced and personalized special varieties. It is expected that the market trend of cationic silk in the future will mainly be stable adjustment

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