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Comments on purchasing Philips htd3540/93 speakers are as follows:

some comments on purchasing Philips htd3540/93 speakers are as follows:

1. Goods: the overall feeling of the home theater is pretty good, which is smaller than expected. The sound quality can meet the requirements of junior enthusiasts. The high pitched sound is stronger, and the low pitched sound is slightly inferior. The express delivery started without sending it to Shentong, and the results were not delivered to the door. Fortunately, the seller compensated. It is safe to pack two-layer cartons. In this way, China is no exception to the DVD player. It has also suffered minor injuries and a small hole, but it will not affect its use. Overall, I was very satisfied. I felt it was worth the money after using it for a few days. The radio function didn't work out, and the audio input wasn't stored in the single-chip microcomputer. I gave an after-sales call and waited for debugging

service: the customer service attitude was fairly good, all the problems were solved, and the answers were very patient, which is worth praising

2. The sound box is OK and fashionable. Looking forward to the special price for a long time, I sold it

3. Sorry, the goods were received late! The effect is very good, the logistics is too awesome

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