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The project of Orient International container manufacturing base started yesterday morning, the Jinzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone was full of jubilation, and the container manufacturing base project of Orient International container (Jinzhou) Co., Ltd. officially started. Tongzhiwu, the municipal leader, conducted a fair division of labor based on the principle of complementary advantages. Liuzhiqiang, wangtiecheng, Liu Wei, Lidong, zhengzhiguo, sundongke, wangguangming, lixinxin, Li Keming, assistant Mayor Liu Yang, and litiemin, the Secretary General of the municipal government, attended the commencement ceremony

Orient International container (Jinzhou) Co., Ltd. is a foreign and domestic company, which is jointly invested and established by China Shipping Group Investment Co., Ltd. (Chinese), lion container enterprises Co., Ltd. and Orient International Container Co., Ltd. (foreign); Despite its small Sino foreign joint venture, it has a registered capital of 20million US dollars, of which the Chinese share ratio is 52% and the foreign share ratio is 48%, specializing in container design, manufacturing and after-sales service

Orient International container (Jinzhou) Co., Ltd. makes full use of Jinzhou's energy, transportation, land, labor resources and other favorable conditions. The project covers an area of 435 mu, with a total investment of 49.95 million US dollars, and a container production line with an annual output of 100000 TEU. The project is planned to play a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy. It will be completed and put into operation in August 2006, and the annual output value will reach about 1.4 billion yuan after it is put into operation

mayor liuzhiqiang pointed out in his speech that the container transportation industry has always been an important symbol to measure the economic development of the port and the comprehensive functions of the port. The settlement of the Oriental international container production base project in Jinzhou Development Zone is of great significance and far-reaching impact on strengthening and expanding Jinzhou port, accelerating the development of Jinzhou port economy, especially promoting the overall development of Jinzhou Bay and realizing the first breakthrough of Jinzhou in the construction of coastal city clusters in western Liaoning. On the basis of mutual trust and mutual benefit, Jinzhou City is willing to continue to cooperate closely with China Shipping Group and work together to build the project into a first-class container manufacturing base

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