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At the peak of packaging demand, BOPET film is impacted and becomes off-season

[China Packaging News] as a part of plastic packaging, the demand for plastic packaging film is growing. Food, drugs and personal care products have become the three main directions of the demand of the plastic film industry. In recent years, with the development of the packaging industry, the demand for plastic packaging, as the most important component, is also growing. However, in the past two years, the trend of China's plastic packaging industry has been slightly depressed, in which the profits of BOPP, CPP and BOPET film industries have been continuously compressed, and the film enterprises are suffering. Other products are roughly adjusted by hand with the horizontal bubble (instrument). Next, let's briefly explain the recent abnormal market of BOPET industry:

according to the demand situation in previous years, there is a wavelet procurement peak for film enterprises around July before the Mid Autumn Festival to prepare for food packaging. This year, however, the market is abnormal. Due to the continued weakness of terminal demand, the trading volume of the whole membrane market is difficult to increase, and the price fell again after peaking in June

let's review the key structural characteristics and working principle factors that have recently affected the trend of China's BOPET market through several events:

1. Since May, the report on the capital chain fracture of Cifu group and its debt of more than 5billion triggered a heated discussion in the market. Until the end of June, its BOPET film production line in Shaoxing and Shuyang was seized by the bank, and the tight market expectation once triggered a sharp rise in market offer, At the same time, it also triggered a deep thought on the future development of the entire BOPET film industry

2. In mid July, with regard to the fermentation of the Cifu group event that "occupy" means "die without effort", it is rumored that its production line plans to start up and run around July 20, before which some orders in the early stage will be delivered to ease the pressure on inventory. This news immediately caused chaos in the market, and some enterprises began to promote at low prices, while the terminal wait-and-see became more and more serious, which once again increased the sales pressure of membrane enterprises

3. Since May, Ningbo Keren's equipment has been in a parking state due to capital chain problems. I heard that it was merged by a large trading company in Zhejiang, and then its equipment was started up successively at the end of June. Because its production capacity and market share were not high, it had little impact on the market

4. In order to extend its polyester industry chain, Yingkou Kanghui plans to start up and test run seven PET film production lines with an annual output of 210000 tons in the first phase of the project at the end of July. According to zhuochuang information, before the press release, the manufacturer has begun to receive orders and receive zero payment after the pre fixture is clamped. There is no public offer for the time being, and most of them wait for the normal operation of the equipment to produce products

in general, the above aspects are the main factors affecting the membrane Market in the near future, in addition to ignoring the impact of raw material costs on the membrane market. As the demand continues to be weak, the sales pressure of membrane enterprises continues to increase, and the loss pattern of membrane enterprises is difficult to improve. It is necessary to reduce the negative production control to alleviate the pressure. The recent environmental protection rectification action in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, has also led to the parking of most local small and medium-sized product enterprises, once again reducing market demand. Moreover, the typhoon and rainstorm in South China also have a certain impact on the delivery of membrane enterprises and the production of terminal factories. The impact of such accidents on the overall BOPET industry is also the reason why the current peak season of the film packaging industry is weak

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