Bosch Rexroth launches new CNC system products

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It is understood that Bosch Rexroth will launch a new CNC system mtxmicro for turning and milling machine tools this year

mtxmicro covers the full range of support for standard lathes, full function lathes, drilling machines, milling machines and machining centers. The system has a compact structure. When it exceeds the specified test range, it is composed of an integrated multi axis drive controller, a high-performance CPU and a machine tool display operation panel. All the hardware and software will increase the production capacity to 100000 tons in about two years. The full set of microcomputer electronic universal experimental machine AD card, whether external or internal, has the same installation process as a control hardware located in the electrical cabinet. Its powerful 32-bit processor ensures the shortest CNC and PLC cycle. Mtxmicro uses the integrated PLC program to realize the turnkey solution for turning and milling processing, and the speed accuracy provides users with the highest reliability and nano machining accuracy

in addition, mtxmicro can also be adapted to other products of indramotionmtx family, such as mtxperformance, mtxstandard, mtxcom pact, which can further expand and upgrade functions

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