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Bosch machine in milk powder packaging

Bosch vertical packaging machine has performed well since it entered China's milk powder industry in 2003. With more than 20 years of experience in global milk powder packaging technology, Bosch has demonstrated its strong competitiveness in China

in order to prove to customers the quality of a first-class packaging machine and continuously improve itself, Bosch, with the strong support of Intel nutritional Dairy Co., Ltd., which produces Dumex milk powder, specializes in the production of high-frequency fatigue testing machines, which have been tested for several weeks with sve2510 LR and fvs3061 screw scales

as a high-speed vertical continuous packaging machine, sve2510 LR is equipped with a vacuum adsorption conveyor belt. This design completely solves the problem of membrane slippage, makes it possible to pack at a higher speed, and can better guide the membrane

in the past two months since September 2005, sve2510 LR has conducted operational tests on the 700g packaging line of the Shanghai factory of Intel nutritional Dairy Co., Ltd. to evaluate the characteristics, processing performance and services of the machine, and understand the overall situation of the machine and the capabilities of suppliers. After 3 days of successful installation, normal production began, and the sampling showed that it successfully passed the detection of air leakage and oxygen content. The target speed of a 700 gram vertical bag is 55 to 60 bags/minute; In actual production, the speed is maintained at 52 to 55 bags/minute

based on years of experience and comparison with other machines, sve2510 LR has the following advantages:

1 The noise is very low

2. Once the bag shape is adjusted in place, it will not change

3. Due to the wide vacuum adsorption conveyor belt, the synovium is well controlled

4. The simple design of long seal saves consumables and good sealing quality

5. Compared with the original machine, the bag sealing quality is better

6. Each roll change can save 1 to 2 minutes, which is more convenient

7. The rubber fatigue testing machine with large feeding hopper and visible window adopts high-quality materials to make the material level inspection easy

8. Beautiful appearance and convenient cleaning

as a conclusion, users are very satisfied with the performance of sve2510 LR and screw scales. In addition, Bosch engineers also provide professional and timely services. They have a good understanding of the machine and a wide range of relevant knowledge, and timely monitor the operation and working conditions of the machine to meet the needs of customers

since 2003, Bosch machines made in China have brought many benefits to users, such as attractive prices, strong and timely after-sales service, adequate supply of spare parts and effective user customization, etc

Bosch has successfully convinced its customers that it is as excellent in milk powder packaging as in other fields. As Bosch said in its corporate purpose 8. Storing 99 groups of test data, "science and technology make life beautiful"

information source: Modern Packaging

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