Bosch and Castrol launched the joint brand dimensi

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Bosch and Castrol launched the joint brand maintenance station pilot project in China and the United States

Bosch and Castrol launched the joint brand maintenance station pilot project in China and the United States

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„ · Combination of two brands: jointly explore new concepts of brand maintenance station operation

„ · Complementary professional knowledge: achieve improvement in attracting new customers, improving sales, enhancing user stickiness, improving the operation efficiency of maintenance stations, etc.

„ · Starting this month, the joint brand maintenance station pilot project will be launched in China and the United States

October 10, 2019 - Bosch Automotive after sales division and Castrol today announced that the two sides have established a new partnership and will launch the joint brand maintenance station pilot project in China and the United States. The pilot will take the lead in Suzhou (China) and Orlando/Tampa (United States) in October 2019 with the continuous emergence of experimental machines in the market. The two sides plan to set up 25 joint brand maintenance stations in the two places

unique store design and style: joint brand maintenance station pilot (3D effect picture)

Bosch and Castrol have rich experience in the field of automotive services. In addition to fully distributing the expertise of Castrol lubricants and Bosch parts and service solutions, the two companies also brought confidence to extruder enterprises and the successful experience and unique advantages of their own automobile repair stations in operation. Harvest has been deeply involved in the field of automotive post marketing and consumer insight for a long time, and combined with Bosch's expertise in maintenance station management, equipment and services, it will create a new sustainable and profitable operation mode for maintenance station operators

in the pilot stage, the joint brand maintenance station will adhere to the advanced digital service concept and provide convenient and high-quality services for terminal owners at competitive prices. The maintenance stations participating in the pilot have unique store design and style to meet the growing needs and preferences of consumers in terms of maintenance experience, convenience, digital choice and sustainable development. After the pilot phase, both parties will decide whether to further expand the layout of brand maintenance stations

both partners said that these pilot projects will not have an impact on the operation of the existing brand chain maintenance stations of Castrol and Bosch

"As the world's leading auto parts supplier and an expert in technical diagnosis and maintenance station operation, Bosch has been committed to providing high-quality parts products and services to maintenance station operators and end-users for decades. This strong alliance with Castrol is expected to create a new maintenance station operation mode that can meet the needs of the automotive after-sales market in the future and provide services to more maintenance station partners and end-users Business. This new attempt further reflects our vision of providing customers with all-round, future oriented and after-sales services covering various models, "said Manfred Baden, global president of Bosch Automotive after sales market

mandhir Singh, chief operating officer of Castrol, said when talking about cooperation, "Combined with Castrol's in-depth understanding of the maintenance station and the automotive after-sales market, and giving full play to our long-term accumulated expertise in the fields of lubricant innovation technology, brand and marketing, digitalization and consumer insight, Castrol will further develop consumer value-added experience services, and based on this, establish new ideas for the sustainable operation of automotive maintenance stations. At the same time, we are glad to see that Bosch and we have common Vision, and can provide complementary experience and knowledge in technology and channel management. Castrol and Bosch look forward to learning from the results of the pilot project to build a world leading maintenance station network, which is the main factor affecting the tension machine. "

Bosch Automotive after sales division and Castrol signed a mutual recommendation agreement in Europe in 2013, establishing the initial partnership. This successful cooperation has laid a solid foundation for both sides to explore more ways of cooperation in the rapidly developing automotive after-sales market

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