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The booster of plastic application

chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) is a kind of polymer material with excellent performance. It is one of the most important plastic modifiers in the world at present. Its birth has rapidly expanded the application fields of PVC and other plastics and played an important role in economic construction. In recent years, the urban transformation and water supply and drainage transformation have given a strong impetus to the production of PVC and CPE. By the end of 2002, the demand for CPE in China had reached 135000 tons. According to relevant reports, this year, the world's total demand for CPE will reach 25 million tons, and several positive signals have emerged in the economic operation of China's extruder industry. Relevant experts believe that with the rapid development of domestic economic construction, the demand for plastic building materials for civil housing will increase greatly, and the overall consumption of plastic profiled materials will increase sharply in the next few years. Coupled with the excellent performance price ratio of CPE, CPE has obvious cost advantages over any other impact modifier, so CPE will still occupy the largest share in this field. In recent years, China has set off a wave of urban transformation, especially the transformation of urban water supply and drainage system. Large diameter PVC pipes are widely used, which makes the application of CPE in pipes show an upward trend. The development of household appliances has also promoted the application of CPE in this field. Due to the wide implementation of the safety performance UL-94 standard in the household appliance industry, in order to meet the flame retardant requirements of the traditional household appliance shell ABS, CPE needs to be added as a flame retardant and impact modifier. In terms of PVC cables, due to the high chlorine content of PVC, the excellent rubber and electrical properties of CPE, and the much lower chlorine released during combustion, there has been a trend at home and abroad to use CPE to replace other materials to make wires and cables, and the time is not long. In addition, CPE has excellent flexion resistance, continuous flexion can reach more than 1million times, and good coloring. These properties are also excellent materials as sole plastic. Now CPE has entered the application field of foreign high-end sports shoes. CPE also has excellent ozone resistance, atmospheric aging resistance and colorability, and can be widely used as color waterproof coiled materials. In the late 1980s, Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co., Ltd. introduced the technology of German Hester company to build the first CPE production device with a scale of 6000 tons/year in China, which raised the domestic CPE production to a new height, and changed the previous production status of small scale, low single kettle production, small product batch, few varieties, backward control means and high energy consumption. After more than ten years of continuous development and innovation, Yaxing chemical has carried out five large-scale technological transformations, innovated and developed the process system of hydrochloric acid phase method, and successfully developed the largest and only enamel reactor in China with the famous multinational company in Germany, which has expanded the production scale of CPE to the current annual output of 70000 tons, ranking first in the world. The process technology of Yaxing CPE device has reached the international leading level, which can realize mass and stable production, and has become the largest production and supply base of impact modifier for plastic profiles in China. In short, with the all-round development of China's economy, new materials are needed in the field of plastic applications. Goldilocks has developed intelligent automatic scheduling system (APS), intelligent automatic formulation system (AFS) and centralized production process control system (MCS), which are highly demanded. The excellent performance of CPE is constantly found and valued, which will open up more and more new application fields, which will surely bring new development opportunities for the application of plastic and rubber

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