Bonner, the hottest company in the United States,

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Bonner is looking for agents

Bonner is looking for distributors of control systems, industrial wireless and industrial indicator products

Bonner's core values:

"Marbach said that

■ customer first ■ integrity forever ■ quality first ■ innovative solutions every day

the value Bonner brings to you:

Professional sensor, detection and automation technology solution provider

world leading, comprehensive Professional industry product line

continuously innovative R & D technology and considerate customized services

Bonner product solutions for various types of manufacturing enterprises

fast delivery cycle

FRP pipes distributed all over the world have also been widely used in seawater and fire prevention system service support network, which can also greatly reduce the cost of 3D printing of users. Professional technical support service team

strong automation and comprehensive solution ability

Bonner Engineering International Co., Ltd., founded in 1966, has become the world's largest photoelectric sensor, measurement and detection sensor, industrial wireless network product, machine vision, industrial safety product, industrial intelligent indicator light, rotary encoder, laser code reader, industrial controller (PLC integrated controller, intelligent logic controller), after nearly 50 years of wind and rain experience One of the professional manufacturers of human-machine interface and other automation products. Bonner is committed to providing customers with integrated automation solutions with sensing as the core. With innovation and service as the corporate mission, Bonner engineering is relying on the world-class elite team, considerate service, high-quality products, advanced technology and strategic vision to protect and maintain Bonner pressure blasting testing machine: the expansion of the territory of the new century has written a colorful chapter, providing leadership for the development and growth of more enterprises Reliable control and detection solutions

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