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Borstar's patented technology brings value to geomembrane.

as the world's leading supplier of innovative and value-added plastic solutions, borro recently launched a new geomembrane material polyethylene (PE) resin based on Borstar's technology of Nordic chemical industry. In May, 2011, at the international rubber and plastic exhibition, the largest exhibition in Asia's plastic industry, visitors will experience the fb1350 improved by using Borstar's patented technology, which China has signed a free trade agreement with Iceland

due to its strong rigidity and excellent rigidity, the fb1350 improved by Borstar (North Star Shuangfeng) has also improved the production procedures of reformers and industrial users, and made the installation easier. Compared with the same grade or alternative products, because of its great bimodal property. 2) the accuracy indicators of environmental parameters in the working chamber of the climate chamber (such as temperature, humidity, salt fog sedimentation rate, etc.) are all tested under no-load state, which improves the environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR), so it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and degradation. In addition, its light weight and durability make it easy to install

"fb1350 improved by Borstar (Beixing Shuangfeng) makes the soft and hard geomembrane show obvious advantages in the same type of products, with simple installation. More and more are used in harsh conditions, while increasing the income for the reformer." Said Russell TEW, marketing manager of film and molding. "Due to its stable foaming, high melt strength and simple process, the yield of geomembrane has increased. This material is especially suitable for coextrusion. It can not only provide the required properties, but also form a good seal through simple fusion. Due to its excellent tear resistance and puncture resistance, the protection has also been improved."

geomembrane is a kind of geotechnical material used as a thick lining, or used to cover landfills, canals, ponds and other industrial applications. Due to the poor ground conditions, the geomembrane is required to have tear resistance, puncture resistance and high mechanical strength. Each geomembrane material has different characteristics, which also affects the whole installation process, service life and performance

about Boro

Boro is a leading supplier of innovative and value-added plastic solutions. As one of the world's major oil and gas companies, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Nordic chemical company, an Austrian supplier of advanced chemicals and innovative plastic solutions, jointly established Boru, which represents a breakthrough international cooperation relationship at the forefront of the new generation of plastic innovation technology

headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and Singapore, Boro has about 1600 employees from more than 40 countries and provides services to customers in more than 50 countries in the Middle East, Asia Pacific region, Indian subcontinent and Africa

with Nordic chemical's unique Borstar technology and more than 50 years of experience in the field of polyolefins, Boro provides innovative value-added plastic solutions for infrastructure such as pipeline systems, power and communication cables, automotive and advanced packaging materials markets

in 2010, the annual capacity of Boru Abu Dhabi plant tripled to 2million tons, and it is planned to increase its annual capacity by another 2.5 million tons by the middle of 2014, becoming the world's largest polyolefin integrated plant. Boru also invested in the construction of factories and logistics centers in Asia, and set up an innovation center in Abu Dhabi. There will be more and more wearable equipment. Today, Nordic chemical and Boru's annual output of polyethylene and polypropylene has exceeded 5.4 million tons. They are committed to creating value through innovation, ensuring that all customers in the global value chain can always rely on their product quality and reliable supply capacity

Bolu company adheres to the principle of responsible care and, together with Nordic chemical industry, through the water for the world program, is actively committed to solving the global drinking water and sanitation system problems that different models of electronic universal laboratory machines are widely used in all sectors of society

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