Booming demand for automation in the golden period

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The demand for automation in the golden period of rail transit construction is "blowout"

China is rapidly entering the era of rail transit

the development prospect of China's rail transit market is huge. By 2020, the national railway operation mileage is planned to reach more than 120000 kilometers, including 16000 kilometers of high-speed rail with a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour, the electrification rate is increased to more than 60%, and the total investment is more than 2trillion yuan

by the end of 2009, 10 cities in mainland China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Wuhan, had opened 34 urban rail transit lines, with a total operating mileage of about 1037 kilometers. It is estimated that by 2020, the total mileage of the country will reach about 6100 kilometers

reduce innovation costs and risks. At present, China has entered the rapid construction period of urban rail transit. In recent years, the construction speed of urban rail transit in China has reached about 250 kilometers per year. In 2010, 480 kilometers of urban rail transit will be built and put into operation nationwide. Subway based urban rail transit is a typical low-carbon transportation mode with large traffic volume, high punctuality rate of manipulating DC electromechanical rotation, applying torque to the specimen, no pollution and saving land resources. The development of urban rail transit has become the best way to alleviate the transportation difficulties in large cities

analysts pointed out that China has the ability to become a world railway equipment manufacturing center, and will build about 5000 kilometers of urban rail transit operating mileage in the next 10 years. The overall demand peak of the railway industry is expected to continue until 2015, and the demand for track machinery and equipment, information technology and security products, as well as electrical equipment will be released in large quantities, with the required investment of no less than 1trillion yuan

with the gradual release of the demand for railway equipment in the next five years, the demand for track machinery and equipment, information technology and security products, as well as electrical equipment will be released in large quantities. Citic securities analysis pointed out that the explosion of railway infrastructure investment in the 11th five year plan. Authorities said that Suning was suspected of using false information to hype the growth of the stock market, indicating the prosperity of the railway electrical equipment industry in the 12th Five Year Plan. It is expected that the total market demand will reach 280 billion yuan in, with an average annual average of 56 billion yuan. The peak demand will come in 2014, reaching 75 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of 25%

the market prospect is huge, and there is a strong demand for automation.

industry experts said that in line with the economic restructuring and development mode transformation, the rail transit equipment manufacturing continues to be booming, and there will be more than 10 lines of bidding scale every year

the great development of railway construction directly drives the demand for locomotive and vehicle equipment and large-scale road maintenance machinery. New technical equipment such as high-speed EMUs, high-power locomotives, large-scale road maintenance machinery, new heavy-duty express trucks will enter the cycle of intensive production and intensive use; With the in-depth development of the market, domestic rail transit equipment enterprises and related automation enterprises will fully enjoy the great benefits of the two domestic and foreign markets

rail transit industry is an emerging industry rising rapidly in the process of urban development. It has broad development prospects and strong comprehensive driving force to improve the safety and reliability of cable products. If we can grasp the good opportunities for the development of rail transit industry, we can accelerate the development of automation, electronic information, computers, new materials, new energy and other related industries

moreover, the current development of urban rail transit has shown a diversified development trend, especially the construction of intercity rail transit lines and suburban lines is more and more, large volume, medium volume and suburban lines coexist in many forms, and the development of rail transit is diversified. The future research and development focuses on the integration of technical system, automatic control system, low floor technology, bogie technology and suspension technology

in the field of railway construction, there is a great demand for automation technology, mainly including rail transit and security system, which is expected to increase by 40% this year. Rail transit automation is mainly carried out around the integrated automation of electrification projects, including telecontrol system, integrated automation system, video monitoring system, AC/DC system, SCADA system, etc. (text/hard rock)

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