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Book packaging from the perspective of marketing

[Abstract] with the continuous development of the book publishing industry and the increasingly fierce competition, book packaging will play a more and more important role in brand building, marketing and promotion. This paper analyzes the problems in Book packaging from the perspective of marketing, and puts forward the countermeasures

[Key words] countermeasures to the problems of marketing book packaging

with the increasingly fierce competition in the field of books, some book publishers with strong market awareness pay more and more attention to the art of packaging, so as to attract the attention of readers and seize readers. Because the packaging of books is the "first impression" of potential readers on books, it is particularly important. Some book publishers use modern marketing concepts to pack books, and have achieved good results; Other book publishers have some problems in Book packaging due to lack of research on Book packaging, lack of investigation on book market, lack of innovation consciousness, limited ability, or deviation in aesthetic concepts. This paper talks about these problems in combination with practice, and discusses some countermeasures for improvement, with a view to attracting jade

I. Analysis of problems in Book packaging

1 Some books, especially low-grade books that survive on the market, have garish covers in terms of packaging design, regardless of the nature of the books themselves. Although this caters to the tastes of some readers, over time, more readers pay attention to turning off the main motor source. Because readers do not blindly like "gorgeous clothes", they like the connotation contained in the cover pattern, which not only gives people the feeling of visual beauty, but also gives people the enjoyment of psychological beauty

2. Cover text design confusion

text itself is an art form, and its font design includes shelf structure, font selection, etc. The core of the visual image in Book packaging is reflected through the selection of the font of the book title, the author and the publisher, the change of the font, the size and color of the font. Therefore, book publishers often take words as an important element of book packaging design to plan carefully. However, in some books, the text design of the cover is very random, which is specifically reflected in the following aspects:

first, some words that do not need to change the font, font style, font size or color are abnormal, and the result is confusing, even contrary to the original intention of the design. In "tradition and Modernity" published by Peking University Press, the word "Chuan" is different. After it has set a height on the spot and is stable, the font size is several times that of other words, and it is surrounded by red, but the readers can't see the need

second, there is no obvious distinction between the original and auxiliary book titles (or Series titles) that need to be changed in font, font shape, font size and color. Even the auxiliary book titles or Series titles dominate and occupy the main position. As a result, readers are confused and it is difficult to distinguish which is the main book title. Tianjin Education Press's series is called "beautiful English". The font size, font and color of the book titles "be what you want to be" and "the most beautiful moment in life" give way to the title of the series; The font size of the title of the book "Research on the new industrialization road" by Nankai University Press is much smaller than that of the sub title

third, some book titles that need bold characters are compressed in the corner, which is very inconspicuous and quite small. As a result, no matter how good the content is, it can not attract the attention of readers, and even no one cares. People's Publishing House's "ethical examination of punishment", the title of the book is vertical, with the top of the sky and the left leaning against the spine of the book; "Chen Yin and Liu Rushi" by Beijing Ancient Books Publishing House, the title is horizontal, on the left of the top of the sky. The font size of these titles is very small, and the whole cover is only set off by small and shallow patterns. No matter how good the content is, it is difficult to get the favor of readers

fourth, some book titles that need to dominate give way to patterns or are covered by pictures, which is very incongruous. The title of "e-banking" by Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology Press is horizontal, in the middle right position, the font size is small, the font is not eye-catching, and red cannot compete with black patterns; The title of CITIC press's new enterprise strategy is disturbed by exaggerated text patterns, which makes it difficult for readers to focus on the book itself

3. Illustrations have nothing to do with content

illustrations are an important part of book packaging. It not only beautifies books, but also conveys feelings. If the picture is inserted well, it can become the highlight of the book and add luster to the book. However, in order to "beautify" books, some book publishers do not hesitate to add flowers and plants, star photos, etc. that have nothing to do with the content, which not only reduces the grade of books, but also easily causes readers' disgust

4. Personality is not distinct

some professional books are highly professional and academic in content, but lack characteristics and nothing new in packaging. The book binding and layout design are rigid, monotonous, rough, and even adopt cold colors or low colors, giving people a cold feeling, as if they were preaching to readers with a serious face, making readers stay away

5. Similar phenomenon is obvious

some book publishers are similar to those brand books in terms of design style and production techniques due to lack of experience in publishing books, inaccurate positioning, lack of creativity of designers, or economic interests. The traces of imitation are obvious, which makes readers know that they are alternative "piracy" at a glance. For example, "living history" is more attractive to readers than the Chinese translation of Hillary Clinton's autobiography, "experiencing history". Although these books may obtain short-term benefits, they definitely have no long-term vitality

II. Countermeasures for improving Book packaging

1 The overall style should be consistent

its integrity is very important in the packaging design of books. The overall style of book packaging should be coordinated, from the cover to the content to form a perfect art, with prominent emphasis and a strong sense of hierarchy. The title of a book is the symbol and image of a book. The font, size, color, etc. of the book title should be consistent with the content of the book, otherwise, it will appear nondescript; On the cover of a book, the dominant position of the title should be highlighted, and other graphics, colors, words, etc. must be subordinate to the title; There should be no conflict between the titles of books and series, and they should be unified harmoniously

2. The cover should be attractive

books should give people a refreshing feeling on the packaging, form a strong visual and psychological impact, and stimulate potential readers to have a desire to buy. From the perspective of marketing, the goal of book packaging is: attention, interest, desire and action. The direct goal of book packaging is to enable readers to complete this process quickly through the impact and attraction on the packaging

the impact and attraction of books are mainly reflected in the cover design of books. The cover of a book is like the external image of a person. If a person's appearance is ugly, it must be difficult to win others' favor at once; On the contrary, if a person's first impression is quite handsome or beautiful, it will give a strong shock and form a psychological shock wave, which is unforgettable. Similarly, if a book wants to quickly win the favor of readers, it must work hard on the cover. The famous "seven second psychological effect" tells us that readers' decision to buy books depends on the psychological stereotype formed in the first seven seconds. Therefore, if a book wants to win the favor of readers in these seven seconds, the cover design is very important. This requires efforts not only in content, but also in form. Specifically, efforts can be made in the following aspects:

first, change the font size, font and color of the text. The changes of font size, font and color can attract the attention of readers

second, it is supplemented by a summary. Some books not only change the text size, font and color, but also supplement the abstract next to the book title. These abstracts can not only introduce the main contents of the book, use the charm of the book itself to win readers, but also introduce the author's situation, and use the celebrity effect to attract readers. The production of the summary is also very automatic and learned. A good synopsis can create suspense, arouse readers' curiosity, and make readers eager to know the cause and effect of things

third, list the titles of important chapters on the cover. The cover is the face of a book, and the first thing readers come into contact with is the cover of the book. If books can put the titles of wonderful chapters on the cover, they can better attract readers. Some books are also equipped with relevant pictures on the cover, which makes the book stand out among many books and attract attention

3. To highlight personality

books should have unique aesthetic value on the packaging, with distinct personality, which can enable readers to recognize from a large number of books at a glance, recognize and lock in the shortest time, and will not be covered up by similar books at any time. Specific performance in the following aspects:

first, the external embodiment of the publisher's publishing style. A viable publisher pays special attention to the novelty of topic selection planning, and has its own publishing ideas, key points and styles. According to the content and positioning of books, we should be creative and design the packaging to make the content and form highly unified, strengthen the books with specific packaging, sublimate the theme, and create excellent books

the second is the title of the book. The title of the book is the eye of the book. When readers know books for the first time, they first pay attention to the name of the book. The creativity of the title is very important, but it also needs to have the right direction, not the more strange the better. Some publishers unilaterally pursue selling points and play the game of "edge ball" on the title of the book. Such titles as "shout when you have pleasure", "save breasts", "my abnormal life" and so on, although there is no obvious pornographic color, they also make people have all kinds of ambiguous ideas. And "Besieged City" although only two words, plain and easy to understand, but it has sold well for decades. The title of "home" is simpler. Since its inception, it has a large number of readers and enjoys a high international reputation

the third is the cover. The uniqueness of book cover design is one of the important manifestations of book personality. A book cannot cater to all readers, it must have its specific audience. To highlight personality, it is necessary to design a cover that conforms to the aesthetic taste and appreciation habits of specific readers. The cover of political and academic books should strive to be solemn, generous and elegant, while the cover of living and intellectual books should strive to be lively, relaxed and lively. The paper on the cover of books should also reflect the nature of books. There is a difference between the paper used for general popular books and professional books. They have different needs for offset paper, dumb film coated paper, embossed, simple and elegant sheep pickup truck, and more simple special paper. In this way, readers can pay more attention to books, be more interested in books, and have a stronger desire to buy books

with the continuous development of the book publishing industry and the increasingly fierce competition, book packaging will play an increasingly important role in brand building and marketing promotion. Only by increasing the research and investment in Book packaging can we seize the first opportunity in the fierce market competition

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