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Bonner won three awards of the year

the 2012camrs and the fourth China Automation Management Forum and award ceremony hosted by China industrial control were held in Shanghai on January 22. Mr. Hu Yong, President of Bonner Greater China, won the innovative business award. At the same time, Bonner company also won the best employer award and innovative product award

Mr. Hu Yong is a senior practitioner and pioneer in the sensing and automation industry in China,. Hu Yong led the Bonner China team that he set up by himself to repair both inside and outside, and quickly and successfully established and promoted the brand of Bonner sensing, detection and automation technology experts in the industrial automation industry in Greater China, realizing the rapid growth of Bonner in the Greater China market in the past decade. Since 2007, Bonner products have been firmly in the forefront of market share in Greater China. In the six years of, Bonner's sales revenue in the Greater China market has achieved a remarkable performance of more than seven times growth. From the sales elites in the automation industry to the leaders in the Greater China market of well-known multinational companies, Mr. Hu Yong has become the leader of a very small number of automation enterprises growing up in mainland China in the automation industry in China. He and his American Bonner are constantly making development and achievements that are attracting the attention of the whole industry

customer first, integrity forever, quality first, and innovative solutions every day are Bonner's core values. Since carbon fiber composites have good plasticity for a long time, we Bonner people have taken core values as the principle to realize Bonner's vision and mission. In talent selection and employment strategies, we have always adhered to kindness as the cornerstone, always guided by Bonner DNA, and attracted compound talents with professional knowledge, professional quality and comprehensive ability. At the same time, Bonner attaches importance to the training and personal career development of every employee, and establishes a diversified training system based on on-the-job guidance, assisted by tutors, centralized training, supplemented by active learning in addition to scientific and technological innovation, so as to provide a spacious career development platform for employees and lay a solid foundation for building a real Bonner

the three awards awarded by the China Industrial Control Institute are an affirmation of the painstaking efforts and sweat Bonner China has made to take root in the Chinese market over the years, but also spur the future development of Bonner. The past 2012 has been a year of challenges and opportunities for many manufacturers and automation operators. There will be not only the hardship of market downturn, but also the joy of working together to overcome difficulties. In this year, enterprises that really have innovative products and innovative operations will lay a more solid foundation for the new take-off. In 2013, Bonner continued to uphold the business philosophy of customer first, adhere to innovation and change, and provide every customer of Bonner with more scientific, perfect and accurate sensing, detection and automation solutions

Bonner Engineering International Co., Ltd.

was founded in 1966. After nearly 50 years of wind and rain, it has become the world's largest photoelectric sensor, measurement and detection sensor, industrial wireless network products, machine vision, industrial safety products, industrial intelligence, such as high-strength cable steel, high value-added vehicle and high-speed rail long product materials. Torsion resistance tests are required for indicator lights, rotary encoders One of the professional manufacturers of automatic products such as laser code reader, industrial controller (PLC integrated controller, intelligent logic controller), man-machine interface, etc. Bonner is committed to providing customers with integrated automation solutions with sensing as the core. With innovation and service as its corporate mission, Bonner engineering is writing a colorful chapter for the expansion of Bonner's territory in the new century and providing leadership for the development and growth of more enterprises with world-class elite teams, considerate services, high-quality products, advanced technology and strategic vision Reliable control and detection solutions

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