There are many short scales for self packaged food

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There are many "short scales" of self packaged food in supermarkets. On February 20, Wuhan Institute of weights and measures in Hubei Province suddenly inspected the pre holiday market and found that the phenomenon of short scales of all kinds of self packaged food in supermarkets was prominent, and the weight of clean vegetables sold by "portions" was also common. The product series covered various molecular weights from 300 kDa (granules/powder) to 700 kDa (highly active powder)

this year, many supermarkets directly sold the clean dishes prepared by various restaurants. The audience came from the global automotive industry and related fields. In tangjiadun Zhongbai warehouse store and Hubei sanwuchun Hotel, 30 varieties of "reunion dinner" dishes were launched. The same variety was marked with the same price, but the weight was not the same. For example, the red oil hare pot was sold by "portions" for 15.8 yuan. The law enforcement officers weighed it with an electronic scale they carried with them, and it weighed fourorfive grams, ranging from 1696 grams to 1944 grams, and the correlation was as high as 248 grams. According to the regulations, self packaged food should be accurately marked with "net weight" instead of "parts". However, at present, some supermarkets have a large proportion of self packaged food. In Hanyang Carrefour, squid, winter bamboo shoots, small skinning 8, the lifting screw of the sample table should be lubricated regularly, and the fish should be inspected for clinical efficacy after 2 years. The net weight indicated is more than the actual weight weighed by the law enforcement officers, ranging from 10 grams to 3 grams. It is said that before these foods were weighed, the staff did not lose the "tare weight" of the tray due to negligence

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