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Five "understandings" that should be paid attention to when purchasing liquid filling machines

[China Packaging News] the era is developing, and the competition in the packaging industry is also intensifying. While increasing production, enterprises should also improve the efficiency of the establishment of the national power battery innovation center. As a result, robots, packaging machinery, polarizer cutting machines, filling machines and other metal products that can replace manual work have come into the eyes of entrepreneurs. So, how can I buy a suitable filling machine? What should buyers pay attention to when choosing

1. Understand the impact of equipment on products. When purchasing, we should consider the impact of the equipment on the products to be packaged. If the structure of the filling machine is set unreasonably, it may inadvertently change the properties or viscosity of the liquid. For example, the liquid will become very thin through redundant elbows, pipes and pumps. Too fast will also have a negative impact on some products. When shopping, you need to always put maintaining product characteristics in the first place

2. Understand how the product determines the type of filling equipment. The type of equipment required for the project is usually determined by the characteristics and types of beverages/products and the shape of packaging containers. Generally speaking, free flowing liquids such as beverages can cooperate with timed filling machines or equal level filling machines. On the contrary, products with strong viscosity will be more suitable for piston or volumetric filling machines. The size of the filling material or the type of container. Another excellent global supplier of high temperature resistant nylon, lantiqi Engineering Plastics Group, has also launched its new high temperature resistant nylon product radionxreme series: the replacement of metal materials, radistrongpa6 and pa6.6 long glass fiber reinforced nylon, which can play a certain decisive role in the style of the filling machine. Fixed time filling machine and equal level filling machine are suitable for free flowing liquid. The difference between the two is that the way of transporting products to containers is different. Timed filling machine is a kind of volumetric filling machine, which means that the volume of products transferred in each filling cycle should be the same. Regardless of the shape of the packaging container, the filling volume of this kind of filling machine should be very accurate. However, if the volume of the packaging container changes, the material level will look inconsistent. Glass bottle is a good example, because its internal shape and volume will be more or less different, so the liquid level always looks inconsistent

3. Understand the difficulties encountered in filling pulp or fruit juice. For pulp, fruit grains and other granular substances, based on the different individual density and size of particles, corresponding pumps and valves need to be specially configured. Whenever the particle size changes significantly, the challenges faced by the filling machine will also increase. Take pickles for example. 1. The Chinese window screen setting operation is simple, and each particle size is different, so you should be more careful when selecting the filling machine. Generally speaking, small or soft particles are easier to fill

4. Know whether it is easy to maintain and whether the data processing can be saved and automatically shut down. Attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the equipment. As with other consumer goods, the materials used in the equipment need to be licensed by the food and drug administration. For most customers, including beverage manufacturers, they want their equipment to be easy to clean and maintain. Because when filling glass bottles, it is very important to keep the nozzle clean for the smooth progress of production activities. Therefore, the simpler the design, the better: it can ensure that the machine itself does not have any pits and gaps that can accommodate microorganisms. And when buying, it is best to choose those machines that have the function of on-site cleaning

5. Understand the current development trend of the packaging industry. Plastic packaging (bottle) lightweight is still the current mainstream. With the support of cost advantages and the halo of sustainable development, this trend will not change in the short term. The new technology of cleaning and filling in the packaging market will promote the development of plastic bottles towards lighter and thinner. Like a feather bottle, it has a capacity of 500 ml but weighs only 7 g (including the bottle cap), so the filling machine can easily fill and clean it gently and orderly. (Translation: Xu Shuhong)

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