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Five trends of packaging and printing industry towards international transformation

in the printing industry, packaging and printing is the fastest growing and relatively high profit field. The output value of packaging and printing in the United States accounts for more than 30% of the global output value of packaging and printing. With the development of national economy, the packaging and printing industry in China has shown a rapid growth trend. It also comes from his arrogant and tough style. Packaging and printing are inseparable from machinery, medicine, textiles, telecommunications, instruments, meters and other fields

at present, the continuous development of electronic publications will impact the traditional paper books and periodicals, which will inevitably lead to a substantial decline in the printing business of books and periodicals, while the packaging and printing industry will not bring any impact, and even an upward trend. Therefore, in the transformation stage of the global printing industry, packaging and printing enterprises should seize the opportunity to become bigger and stronger. How to transform the packaging and printing industry from traditional processing and manufacturing industry to modern design service industry is a topic worth studying at present

green packaging and environmental protection requirements

preventing and reducing pollution is a very important task for the printing industry in the future. Green printing has become the most basic standard requirement in the U.S. printing industry, and green packaging will be the theme and remarkable feature of the development of the packaging industry worldwide. Packaging and printing enterprises should try to choose environmentally friendly ink, paper, water-based glue, water-based varnish and other non polluting or less polluting raw and auxiliary materials, and study and promote new printing processes and technologies that meet the requirements of environmental protection

construction of digital printing process

digital process is a production process that printing and packaging enterprises must gradually establish and standardize. The pre press digital process management of Hearst publishing group and Time magazine, which the author has investigated, is very rigorous and in place, which impressed us deeply. The so-called digital process is a system that integrates and controls the graphic information box production control information of the whole printing process on the basis of information digitization. In the establishment of digital process, we should first pay attention to the establishment and full mastery of ERP system, color management system, file information transmission system, digital proofing and other processes. Through the development of domestic new energy vehicles and the establishment of a digital process, in the future, we can realize the direct docking of data, printing production management, and Remote Proofing and signing between printing plants and customers through computer systems

at the same time, the establishment of digital asset management system also deserves our attention. Printing enterprises should systematically manage customers' text, pictures, images and other digital data, which can not only enhance our ability to serve customers, but also excavate more valuable information from many materials, help us improve the management of printing production process, and inspire us to carry out the marketing of printing value-added services

product design and service innovation

for packaging and printing enterprises, we should pay attention to the R & D and marketing of independent products. While providing customers with exquisite printing services, we can also develop paper products such as wrapping paper, office stationery, gift boxes, etc., build our own brands, strengthen the influence of enterprises in the market, and enhance the ability of enterprises to continuously obtain profits. Product innovation also includes the innovation of service mode. The traditional sample printing service has been difficult to meet the increasingly diverse service requirements of customers. We should think about how to innovate the printing service mode. For example, the traditional prepress proofing and film production can take advantage of our technical advantages in data processing and change into the role of cross media data processing center service provider, information carrier service provider and media solution provider. Packaging and printing enterprises can take advantage of our advantages in printing technology to transform into a supplier of all-round packaging solutions to provide customers with creative design, printing and packaging

packaging and printing products will develop from printing to product packaging design. Packaging and printing enterprises will gradually shift from undertaking packaging and printing products to providing comprehensive packaging solutions. The copyright of product design has become a hot spot for printing enterprises, that is, whoever owns the copyright of product packaging design determines the printing right of packaging products. If the printing enterprise owns the copyright of product packaging design, it will own the printing business of these product packaging. Thus, as a packaging and decoration printing enterprise, it is necessary to establish a complete product packaging design department. Only in this way can we ensure the market share of packaging and printing business

brand building

printing provides printing processing services for various industries to printing provides value-added information services for enterprises, all of which reflect the printers' thinking about the future competitive market. The importance of brand to printing enterprises should be gradually recognized by enterprises. Printing enterprises often pay attention to serving brand enterprise customers, but often ignore the brand training of their own enterprises. In the future market competition, equipment, technology and products tend to be homogeneous, and the importance of brand is beyond doubt

Training and education of printing technology

a stable and high-quality staff is very important for printing enterprises. No matter the color control and ink balance in the printing process, or the UV, film covering, paper mounting, die cutting, binding, box pasting and other processes in post press processing, the requirements for staff skills are very strict. The training of printer captains is very worthy of attention, but we must not ignore the skill training of post press operators, especially in the field of packaging and printing

the internationalization of printing enterprises requires not only talents with international operation mode, but also fully professional employees. A fully professional staff team requires us to strengthen training in professional cultivation, business ethics, and the spontaneity of standardized operation. At the same time, we should pay attention to printing vocational education. The quality of vocational education affects how to ensure the overall quality of employees in the future transformation of enterprises, which is the basic factor to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. In addition to the traditional printing education, we should also pay attention to the printing vocational education to cultivate the practical skills and professional qualities of employees

4 kinds of packaging products have promising prospects

★ food packaging

the continuous and rapid development of the food industry will bring a broad market development space for the packaging and printing industry, and green packaging will become an extremely important marketing tool and means

compared with plastic, metal and glass packaging materials, paper packaging is one of the most promising green packaging materials. At present, cartons, cartons, paper bags, paper barrels, etc. have become an important part of the modern packaging industry, and are widely used in food and transportation packaging

★ drug packaging

China's drug packaging has grown rapidly. At present, there are a number of large enterprises and production bases for packaging and printing of medicinal materials, such as CICC in Lianyungang, Xiong County in Hebei, Taizhou in Jiangsu, and Longgang in Zhejiang. Some domestic pharmaceutical enterprises still use paper products (folding cartons, cartons, etc.) as their pharmaceutical packaging materials. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the quality of drug packaging will be higher and higher. It is imperative to improve drug packaging, which provides a broad development space for the development of drug packaging

★ micro corrugated packaging

compared with folding paperboard with the same gram weight, micro corrugated paperboard has better printing adaptability, higher stack strength, stronger seismic performance and lower cost. The new micro corrugated paper box face paper adopts light weight white paper, white card and other materials to replace the imported high gram weight cardboard and coated kraft cardboard for card box production. The micro corrugated color box combines the two functions of transportation and sales packaging, and saves the cost of secondary packaging

micro corrugated has become an ideal packaging material for small household appliances, electronic products, fast food boxes and cold drinks at present. The demand has been increasing and has begun to enter the packaging market rapidly. At present, many enterprise groups such as Haier, TCL, Changhong, Motorola, Nokia and BenQ have adopted this new packaging method to varying degrees

★ color carton packaging

color packaging carton industry (hereinafter referred to as color box), which is an indispensable industry for food, beverage, alcohol, tea, cigarettes, medicine, health products, cosmetics, small household appliances, clothing, toys, sporting goods, electronics and other industries and product packaging. The development of color box packaging industry should adhere to the requirements of sustainable development, and vigorously promote micro corrugated color box packaging. Color box packaging should not only meet the needs of packaged products, but also refuse excessive packaging

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