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The fixed protection of German transportation packaging

products go through loading, unloading, transportation and other links from the manufacturer to the user. In this process, due to the influence of transportation, loading and unloading tools and transportation environment, there will be various mechanical loads, such as impact and vibration, which may lead to product damage. Therefore, products must be scientifically and reasonably packaged before they can enter the circulation field. Even so, there will still be damage. What is the reason

after repeated research and tests, it is found that many damages are not entirely due to poor packaging, but due to improper safety fastening measures during transportation. This problem is particularly prominent in the export of mechanical and electrical products. Taking the export packaging of machinery and equipment "seeuritas" of Hamburg export packaging Co., Ltd. of Germany as an example, this paper introduces how Germany solves the problem of fixed protection in product packaging and transportation

Germany usually adopts the following methods for the fixation and protection of packages of mechanical and electrical products:

the fastening method of safety belt or safety chain, that is, the safety belt (chain) is used to increase the pressure on the packages, which increases the friction between them and the base or the bottom plate of the application tool. At the same time, it can also generate a certain tension in the opposite direction of the movement of the packages, so as to prevent sliding and movement during transportation. The material of the safety belt is mainly chemical synthetic fiber. When used, it is equipped with hooks and tension devices, and its maximum tension can reach more than 2000 Newton

the bottom fixing method directly fixes the packaged goods (such as equipment) on the sleepers and skids of the base with anchor bolts. If the bottom of the package and the loading surface of the means of transportation are made of wood, a metal sheet with double-sided tooth tips can also be placed between them, and the tooth tips will be embedded in the upper and lower sides by the action of gravity, which can also play a certain anti-skid role

in the early stage of household appliance design, Haier group used the bar fastening method, that is, using the bar to compress and fix the package on the base. Its structure is usually two long screws with nut gaskets, which are fixed on the skids of the bases on both sides of the package, and the pressure bar wood square is sleeved into the upper screw and tightened with nuts, so as to compress the package and prevent it from moving. Of course, when using this method, a layer of padding material must be placed between the pressure bar and the package to prevent damage to the package

the wood block positioning and fastening method is to clamp the wood block package that is consistent with the outline of the package, usually nail the wood block or fix it on the skid or sleeper with bolts. A layer of foam plastic must be placed between the wood block and the package to prevent the package from being scratched or crushed. This method is also applicable to fixing packages in containers or on platform containers

filling method set fillers between packages or between packages and boxes to eliminate the gap between them to prevent movement. Common fillers include air bags and other cushioning materials (corrugated cardboard, foam plastic, etc.). The air bag here is a large bag made of paper plastic composite materials. When using, first put the air bag into the gap, and then inflate it until it is fastened. In addition, there are also tray packaging fastening methods of stretching or shrinking film winding and sealing, as well as baffle or baffle bar type fixing methods during loading

The commonly used fastening methods of securitas in the export packaging of electromechanical equipment are safety belt fastening method, bottom bolt fastening method, pressure bar fastening method and wood block positioning fastening method, which are usually used at the same time. For example, the bottom bolt fixing method is mainly used, and then the safety belt and wood block positioning fastening method are used. Pressure bar fastening method is often used for plates, pipe materials and relatively square equipment. Due to the characteristics of the equipment packaging itself, the tray packaging fixation method is almost not used in the company, and the filling method is rarely seen, especially the air bag filling. This air bag filling and fixation method is rarely used in Germany in 2017, mainly because of its high cost and inconvenient use

securitas often takes another protective measure in the export packaging of mechanical and electrical products is to place rubber cloth blocks or foam pads between the package and the base, or between the package and the platform container bottom plate, or between the package and the means of transportation. This method also has a very obvious anti-skid effect, because it increases the friction coefficient between the equipment and the base, or between the package and the means of transportation. In addition, securitas should check the safety measures of the corresponding packaging design before the packaging of mechanical and electrical products, so as to know whether the fixed protection adopted is enough to protect the packaging from slipping during transportation, otherwise further improvement should be made. Here is a brief description of its calculation and checking principle. Most of the equipment packed by the company is transported by sea. According to the impact force that the transport ship may be subjected to in all directions in the process of shipping, combined with the weight of the packaging, and then according to the external force provided by the fastening measures to be taken during packaging, such as the tension of the safety belt, the compression of the fastening bolts, the computer-controlled experimental process force, etc., we can calculate whether the packaging will slip during transportation. If it is possible to move, then add more fasteners, and you can calculate how much you need to add

export mechanical and electrical products should not only consider the transportation package itself, but also consider the fixation and protection of packages during the whole transportation process. Only in this way can damage in the whole logistics process be reduced or avoided. In addition, in the export packaging design of electromechanical equipment, necessary checking calculation can also reduce damage

with the increasing demand for new energy development in the country, it is clear that:

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