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Guangdong will build China's largest coated paperboard project

Shandong Sun Paper and Hong Kong Jianhua Co., Ltd. announced in Hong Kong that the two sides will jointly build China's largest Coated Paperboard Factory in Dongguan. The project is carried out in three phases, with an output of 1million tons and a total investment of about HK $4billion on March 12. The preliminary demonstration of the project has been completed, and 250000 tons of phase I project has been started, with a total investment of about HK $600million

according to Ying Guangdong, deputy general manager of Shandong sun paper industry, Guangdong and Hong Kong are China's largest packaging board consumption market, with annual consumption accounting for about 1/3 of the country; At present, sun paper is one of the largest manufacturers of coated paperboard in China. This time, it cooperates with Hong Kong Jianhua company to build a factory in Guangdong, which also focuses on the huge market prospect of Guangdong and Hong Kong, and better provides users in Guangdong and Hong Kong with nearby excellent services. This is also a solid step taken by sun paper to meet the challenges after China's entry into WTO and implement cross regional development

according to Mr. xuweidong, a senior partner of Shanghai Sino Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., who successfully bridged the cooperation of the project, after China's accession to the WTO, China's paper enterprises are facing challenges such as great friction pairs, friction force sensing instruments and weight lever systems. The tide of global economic integration has hit, while most domestic enterprises are still limited to a certain region, which is far from the requirements of economic integration, Especially in paper-making enterprises. Therefore, the first step to realize globalization is to break regional boundaries and realize nationalization. Jiayi brings users a better riding experience. Han company is the first investment consulting company in China that specializes in serving the forest paper industry. One of her jobs is to focus on promoting joint ventures and cooperation between domestic forest paper enterprises, as well as between domestic and foreign companies. The promotion of this cooperation project, from introduction, business negotiation and early demonstration, is fully operated by Sino, which is also a typical case of Chinese paper enterprises responding to China's entry into WTO

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