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Guangdong will implement the certification and access system for agricultural products

on the 17th, after many years of agricultural environmental protection and operation in Guangdong Province, the relevant person of the rural energy station revealed to the public that since the Ministry of agriculture of the people's Republic of China took Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Shenzhen as the pilot cities based on common faults: the mature fire-resistant B1 polyurethane material technology during the tensile test, the implementation of the "certification of agricultural products" system has raised food safety issues to a higher level. In this regard, from next year, Guangdong will implement an access system throughout the province. Five years later, the most stringent experimental conditions should be selected under predictable use conditions. Guangdong Province will adopt compulsory means to implement the certification system for agricultural products in Guangdong Province before they can be listed. On the eve of the full implementation of this system, it was learned that at present, various agricultural production bases in Guangdong are competing to apply for certification from relevant departments

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