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Guangxi post fully covers Polycom video conference system

in ancient times, there were flying pigeons to deliver books, and now there is express mail. In fact, I'm secretly glad I wasn't born in ancient times. It must be very uncomfortable to wait for pigeons all day. The latest scheme of sponge compression tester in the information society, people no longer need to rely on traditional letters for communication. If postal service wants to keep pace with the times, what should postal people do? Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Post Company (hereinafter referred to as Guangxi post) has several secret weapons, which I would like to share with you

too many sub venues, difficult to control? Super hub to help

to hold a meeting is a big project for Guangxi post. The company has a main venue, 14 sub venues in prefectures and cities, 76 sub venues at the county and bureau level, and more than 300 financial points. The nearly 500 sub venues hold more than two large-scale meetings per week on average. To complete this arduous task, it is necessary to have a strong and outstanding center for control and scheduling. This center is Polycom rmx2000

rmx2000 has a variety of built-in intelligent functions, so that users can connect more people with the lowest cost and the best quality

rmx2000 can connect all venues of Guangxi post through the bridge function, realizing the management and control of multi-point meetings. The most practical function of rmx2000 is to call at any speed. Under the condition of saving bandwidth by up to 50%, it can still realize 1080p resolution video conference. This is a very ideal and reliable video conference control equipment for areas with unstable network conditions

many business points, difficult communication? These are not things

in order to enable people to enjoy intimate postal services at home, it is necessary to have a dense number of postal points in Guangxi. With large quantity and wide distribution, how does the superior company guide the daily production work of the subordinate points? How to conduct business training, business discussion meetings, etc? Polycom has configured realpresence for more than 300 township level financial points of Guangxi post? Desktop video collaboration software. Its feature is to extend video collaboration beyond the traditional conference room, and you can join the video conference through personal computer

polycom realpresence desktop brings high-quality 720p video experience. Guangxi Post's internal promotion and sales strategies can perfectly communicate with local cities and national 1, event overview home and Bureau in the first time, and immediately convey the instructions of leaders at all levels

polycom's patented technology can not only analyze the physical characteristics of the test samples and provide protection and encryption for the video stream, but also automatically adjust according to the network congestion. Even in places with limited bandwidth, it can also ensure the call quality and enjoy high-quality video experience

let leaders no longer rush around. HDX series makes great efforts

Guangxi post used to invite relevant leaders from 14 prefectures and cities to district companies for various business meetings. It takes time, effort and money. Leaders of all regions and cities are also tired of coping with it, and work efficiency is difficult to guarantee. With Polycom HDX series, the helpless situation of leaders who are either in meetings or on the way to meetings can finally come to an end

Guangxi post is therefore equipped with 76 hdx6000, 14 hdx7000 and one hdx8000, which cover all district and county-level venues of Guangxi post. With advanced solutions, HDX series provides participants with high-definition video, high fidelity voice and excellent sharing ability. For a remote conference, it is a very important technical link to provide participants with a meeting scene with realistic pictures and clear and real voice. Polycom has done it

modern carrier pigeon is a race against time industry. The transmission of policies and information should be timely and effective. It is of unprecedented significance for Guangxi post to work with Polycom to carry out efficient video collaboration in the same efficient postal system

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