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Analysis of the current situation of China's printing machine manufacturing industry

with the increasing intensity of China's reform and opening up year by year, great changes have taken place in China. Driven by the construction of the engine civilization of socio-economic and spiritual electromechanical control of the operation of mechanical components, the printing industry, through the efforts of the vast number of workers in the whole industry, has far exceeded the historical level in terms of development speed and depth. It can be said that reform and opening up has brought real changes, The most vivid and vivid expression is in the following aspects:

1. It has formed a printing industry base mainly in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and the economic circle around the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. 2. It has cultivated a number of industrial groups with considerable influence at home and abroad, such as beiren group, Shangbao group, Zhongjing group, Guanhua group, Weifang Huaguang printing machinery Co., Ltd., Zhongde group, Wutai Group and Beida Fangzheng group, which supplies prepress equipment, in the printing equipment manufacturing industry. According to the data of the top 100 enterprises in 2005 published by the printing manager magazine, a number of well-known enterprises have also emerged in the printing industry itself, with annual sales of more than 100 million yuan. Among them, the sales of Shenzhen Jinjia color printing group reached more than 2.2 billion yuan in 2004, which is unprecedented

3. The 6th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition in 2005 showed the overall style and vitality of China's printing equipment manufacturing industry. This exhibition has four characteristics: large scale, high technical content, international, comprehensive and wide space and time. The total area of the exhibition reached more than 92000 square meters. Professional groups from more than 40 countries and regions and 45 groups organized by domestic provinces, cities and autonomous regions attended the exhibition, with 160000 visitors, It is exciting that beiren group exhibited a large shaftless roller printing machine with independent intellectual property rights, which can reach 75000 pieces per hour, and has reached the international advanced level. Personally, I think this exhibition has gone beyond the window era and become a platform to show the world China's potential huge business opportunities

4. Shanghai Guanghua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai printing and packaging group, acquired Japan Akiyama printing press Co., Ltd., an internationally renowned brand, creating a precedent for cross-border acquisitions of China's printing equipment manufacturing industry. In addition to quoting Japanese advanced technology, I think it is more important to accumulate rich experience and brave exploration for the practice of transnational operation of printing equipment manufacturing industry

in the face of the above new situation, we must use the scientific concept of development to think about the future development of the printing equipment industry and explore new ideas for the development of the printing machine industry. In recent years, I have contacted and interviewed leading members of enterprises engaged in printing machinery manufacturing industry and personnel engaged in product design, process, processing, inspection and marketing. They have made different contributions to China's printing equipment manufacturing industry for many years. They are extremely concerned about the development of printing equipment manufacturing industry. They also put forward current problems and suggestions for future improvement. Here, I pay tribute and thank them for their years of hard work. I put forward the following ten questions to express my views and invite you to discuss them, so as to promote the further improvement of the printing equipment manufacturing industry

I. what is the current level of printing machine manufacturing

after years of construction and development, China has more than 400 printing machinery manufacturing enterprises with different scales, and has produced a number of printing machinery varieties of different sizes, which meet the needs of the domestic printing industry, which should be fully affirmed. However, from the perspective of overall analysis, except for a few large-scale k-show enterprises that have introduced foreign technology or independently developed and produced a batch of high-tech products with international and domestic advanced levels, most enterprises have more imitation, less independent development, more small and medium-sized products, less large-scale modern intelligent products, more single basic host products, and less corresponding front and rear supporting products, compared with advanced industrial countries, Industry experts believe that it is still at the mid-range level, and the production of low-grade products is still a lot. It will take ten to twenty years, even several generations, to approach or reach the international level. We fully believe that with the continuous in-depth development of reform and opening up, China's printing machinery manufacturing industry will gradually form its own characteristics and develop in a fast and healthy direction on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology and management experience, which will certainly change the embarrassing situation that the import of printing equipment is greater than the GDP of the printing machine industry

II. Basic views on the production of current printing machinery products

starting from the development and actual needs of the domestic printing industry, the printing equipment that has been produced and has been used for many years and meets the national quality standards should continue to be produced as long as the market needs, but in terms of product design structure, process, material and supporting products, it should be continuously improved and improved according to the requirements of high-tech standards to meet the needs of the market economy. For products with obsolete models, simple functions, low efficiency and mediocre market and products that have been officially eliminated by the state, the relevant manufacturers should resolutely eliminate and stop production. In short, our policy should be to vigorously develop new products while actively rectifying and improving old products, which is in line with the interests and needs of current manufacturers and the actual situation. Without paying attention to the continuous improvement and improvement of products, enterprises will not be developed and improved

third, we should vigorously strengthen product design and research and development

everyone feels that China's printing machinery product design force is generally weak, the R & D force is not strong, and the investment in R & D force is also very low. China's manufacturing economy accounts for 6% of the world's total, while the R & D investment accounts for only 0.3%. China's total investment in research and development accounts for only 1% of GDP. In the printing machine industry, some advertising investment is more than R & D investment. Academician Wang Xuan, who is well-known, said that the export of independent technology products is technology, so there are historical and objective reasons for this situation. However, actively expanding product design forces, actively developing new products, including digesting and absorbing foreign technology into their own technology, is an urgent topic to attract attention. Everyone has realized that without high-tech new products, there will be no advantages of their own enterprises in the market economy competition. Industry insiders believe that domestic printer product designers need new ideas and ideas for product design. At present, not only do not many designers go abroad for inspection and observation, but also there are few exchanges among domestic product design peers, and some are blocked from each other. The so-called exchange is not the secret of enterprise technology and business, but the exchange of ideas and ideas. The soul of science and technology is innovation, and the root of science and technology is talent. Without strong technical force, it is impossible to have the advantage of independent innovation of products. What designers need is mutual inspiration and exchange of wisdom. In addition, there are no corresponding measures to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of product designers in the mechanism. NVIDIA engineering plastics has achieved a further evolution of torzenmarathon technology. Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. has new products every year. That is, general manager Chen Bangshi has a lot of experience in product development, the most important of which is to give full play to and mobilize the enthusiasm and talents of product designers. The experience is worth learning

it is impossible to discuss in detail how to strengthen product design in each unit here, mainly about concept change and how to reach a consensus on this issue. I think some work can be carried out under the organization of the printing machinery branch. For example, an exchange of experience on product design will be held once or twice a year to discuss issues of common concern, including product design concepts, ideas, trends, standardization, serialization and generalization in design work, how to digest and absorb foreign technology, improve and improve existing domestic products, and whether some products can be jointly designed Joint development. Another example is to commend a batch of new products that have been improved and developed every year, and to commend and reward those who have made significant improvements and innovations in the design process. I think this kind of activity is conducive to the technological progress of the industry, is also conducive to the development of the printing industry, and more importantly, is to break the barrier and the dull atmosphere of old and dead. This requires everyone to work together to make fewer detours, pay less costs and make fewer decision-making mistakes in product design

IV. standards lag behind, hindering technological progress

over the past two decades, the enterprise mechanism has undergone major changes, but there is no fundamental change in the standardized management system of printing machinery manufacturing. It is understood that the national standard for brush offset printing machine (gb3264) was formulated in the 1980s and has not been fundamentally revised so far. At present, in China's equipment manufacturing industry, not many people adopt international standards and foreign advanced standards, and there is still room for improvement. The offset press we have produced has not been fully in line with international standards. Due to the lag of standards, there is a gap in printing speed, overprint accuracy, assembly quality and the stability of product operation, which not only affects the export of products, but also affects the upgrading of enterprise products. In the current situation of changes in the competent departments of industry, the experience of Shenyang should give full play to the role of industry associations, encourage industry associations to actively cooperate with relevant departments of industry, University and research, revise and adopt international standards, which will greatly benefit the competitive position of China's printing machinery. Without advanced internationally recognized product standards, it will be difficult to compete with internationally renowned brands. At the same time, standardization is also the technical basis for the development of market economy and enterprise management, and also an important measure to improve the quality of economic growth and economic benefits

v. views on the protection of technological achievements

the reason why I raise this question is because the number of international intellectual property infringement lawsuits is increasing, which cannot but attract our attention. With the increasingly fierce market competition, there have also been disputes over the rights and wrongs of technical achievements in the printing equipment manufacturing industry. Some have resorted to law, resulting in the disorderly competition of some printing machines, especially small offset printing machines and paper cutting machines, which are repeatedly produced, produced without licenses and operated without licenses in individual regions. I think this phenomenon should attract the attention of the leaders of relevant enterprises, Don't describe the R & D achievements of others as your own innovation, and don't describe the introduced technology as your latest product. In the case of increasingly improved intellectual property rights, I believe that enterprises, regardless of their size and ownership, must win the market with high-quality products, the image of enterprise integrity and high-quality services if they want to occupy a place in the market economy competition. That kind of bad business management style of false publicity and shoddy, only eager for quick success and instant benefits, will not have good results in the end

VI. as for the problem of mutual price reduction in selling products

according to the national regulations on the functions of trade associations, no trade association has the authority to set prices and deal with prices, but it can coordinate product prices among enterprises in the industry. At present, the price of similar products of different enterprises is a sensitive issue that has aroused the most opinions. For example, although the performance and function level of domestic paper cutters are different, the prices vary greatly. Many low-cost products impact products with good quality and high price. I think enterprises are

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