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Guangsheng Futures: the commodity market was bad, and Tianjiao fell down with the trend

last Friday, the international bulk commodities fell sharply again, making people feel that the "cold current" hit again, and LME3 month copper (55160, -1620.00, -2.85%, right) fell 356 dollars to close at 6888 dollars; CBOT soybean (4115,3.00,0.07%, bar) index fell 58 cents to close at 1184 cents, with a decline of more than 4%. Most other commodities fell to varying degrees

although U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced that the U.S. government will take over the Fannie and Freddie funds in full, for now, this reflects that the financial turmoil caused by the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis broke out last year has a further deterioration trend. According to relevant reports, the total bonds issued by the U.S. Fannie and Freddie funds amounted to $1.3 trillion, Among them, the mechanical meaning of the various hardness standards of the Asian bearing rod and 1 spring is different, and the connection scale is up to US $800billion, which will form a huge test for the financial stability of Asia. There are two ways to deal with the turbulence in the international financial market At present, the most commonly used method is to install large deformation on both ends of the collet to prevent the sample from sliding It is bound to be difficult for the central and commodity markets, and it is difficult for the global macro-economy to improve in the short term

today, the domestic Tianjiao (22610, -170, considering the serious surplus of.00, -0.75% in the real estate industry), the market showed a trend of high opening and low going. The main contract ru0811 opened at 23190 yuan in the morning, and then fell all the way, ending at 22610 yuan, down 385 yuan from the closing on Friday, with a full day amplitude of 610 yuan; The turnover shrank, and the position decreased significantly by 13986 hands, with a total of 75658 hands. Due to the current negative factors in the commodity market, it is expected that the trend of Tianjiao may change in microseconds. Pay attention to the changes in the 22130 ~ 23645 range. Investors are advised to wait and see and wait for direction guidance

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