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The net profit of Guangdong Zhongshan Zhongjian environmental protection packaging increased significantly in 2018

Zhongshan Zhongjian environmental protection packaging Co., Ltd. recently released its 2018 annual report. In 2018, the company achieved an operating revenue of 27.1 million yuan and a net profit of 29.6 million yuan. Both operating revenue and net profit achieved rapid growth

in 2018, the revenue of Zhongjian packaging was 272million, and the net profit was close to 30million

in 2018, the price of base paper, as an important raw material, rose sharply. In the face of increased production costs and rising product prices, Zhongjian packaging continued to improve product quality, while reasonably organizing production and business activities. With the joint efforts of all employees, the operating revenue in 2018 was 271.5 million, an increase of 33.41% year-on-year, The net profit was 29.6 million, a year-on-year increase of 67.66%. Both operating revenue and net profit increased rapidly

Zhongjian packaging said that the increase in operating income was due to the company's continuous improvement of product quality during the reporting period, the reasonable organization of production and operation activities, the development of new customers while maintaining old customers, and the vigorous expansion of sales; The increase in net profit was due to the increase in operating income during the reporting period, the company's strengthening of the improvement of various system management, cost savings, further improvement of modified plastics with market cooperation, the receipt of 2million subsidies from the new third board listing and some post technological transformation awards

2 subsidiaries operate well, and the service life of equipment can be extended in the past two years. The income is increasing year by year.

Zhongjian packaging has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, and the business situation is as follows:

1. Guangxi Nanning Zhongjian Packaging Co., Ltd., founded on July 30, 2012, has a registered capital of 2001.1956 million, a paid in capital of 2001.1956 million, and its domicile is No. 08 (plant 3), Wuhua Avenue, overseas Chinese investment zone, Nanning, Guangxi, The main business is the production and sales of corrugated packaging materials and EPE packaging materials. In 2018, the operating revenue was 90.0842 million and the net profit was 4.0956 million; In 2017, the operating revenue was 49.1135 million, and the net profit was -3.021 million

2. Zhongshan Shanjian Packaging Co., Ltd. was established on December 7, 2005, with a registered capital of 1.1 million and a paid in capital of 1.1 million. Its domicile is Room 202, building 1, Zhongjian Industrial Zone, Dongya, Guantang village, Nanlang Town, Zhongshan City. The equity transfer was completed on August 5, 2016. The main business is processing and sales: paper products, packaging materials (excluding printing). In 2018, the operating revenue was 67.6242 million and the net profit was 680200; In 2017, the operating revenue was 48.6297 million and the net profit was 1.2988 million

the top five customers have been exposed, sitting on well-known customers such as Foxconn and Wistron

Zhongjian packaging, which also allows the woven tow to realize self-supporting operation for many years in the three-dimensional layering process of any situation. It has established a solid cooperative relationship with well-known EMS enterprises such as Foxconn, Wistron and Haoyang Tianyu, and the packaging products have been recognized by customers. The company will continue to base itself on the paper packaging field and expand the market, Explore new partners and reduce dependence on existing major customers

the situation of main customers during the reporting period

in the future, China Health packaging will continue to strengthen the research on the market layout, arrange personnel or set up sites in the customer concentration area, keep close contact with customers, timely understand customer needs, understand customer satisfaction after sales, and make the best of pre-sales and after-sales services. At the same time, the end customers of the company are world-renowned electronic enterprises such as Huawei, Acer, HP, etc. the company will take existing customers as the starting point, make use of the market influence of such large customers, and tap more small and medium-sized customers and potential customers

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