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Analysis of the current situation of Thailand's printing and packaging industry

Thailand's printing industry

in recent years, Thailand's printing industry has continued to develop, especially in terms of product quality and performance. Thailand and Asia will continue to remain major printing suppliers because their production costs are much lower than those in western countries. Thailand's printing industry is trying to approach international standards to produce more high-quality and affordable products

Thailand has more than 4000 large, medium and small printing machines to meet different printing needs. Among them, small printing machines account for 70%, medium-sized ones 25%, and large ones 5%. At present, more than 300 stations in Thailand provide printing service consulting for users, and increase the investment in advanced printing technologies, such as digital workflow, digital printing, color management system and CTP. Moreover, the application of computer and it system in printing improves the collection of printing papers: brush quality, making it more widely competitive

Thailand promotes the development of its printing industry through the following methods:

1 Seek value-added for existing products

2. Adopt advanced new technology

3. Adopt new technologies to meet the growing needs of customers, such as special color printing and adding some attractive elements to printed materials

4. Increase service items to attract customers

5. Seek opportunities to expand export markets

Thailand continues to hold various printing exhibitions to promote the development of the industry. For example, reed trade cooperates with the Thai Printing Association and the Thai Packaging Association to hold the ProPak Thailand Exhibition and Thai print pack exhibition in Thailand. These exhibitions make Thai exporters understand that the Thai printing industry has the ability to meet its printing needs

in the new century, one of Thailand's strategies is to improve its printing industry and make it one of the important industries. The focus is to add some new services to adapt to market changes and meet more diversified needs

packaging industry in Thailand

nowadays, packaging is an important part of commodity production. In the product supply market, countries have fierce competition. In order to make their products more competitive, enterprises must meet people's requirements for beautiful, high-quality, durable and safe product packaging, and comply with the social development trend of environmental protection packaging. As far as food packaging is concerned, safety is particularly important. Thailand is now strengthening research on food packaging

in Thailand, the export profit of packaging is one of its main economic income from plugging in power. Packaging is not only for domestic use, but also exported to all parts of the world. Its packaging materials are diverse, such as paper, plastic, metal, glass, wood, etc. after understanding these error factors related to the test accuracy

in order to attract customers, the design of products requires technicality, innovation and consideration of customers' psychology. Therefore, today's packaging has become more and more complex. Thai packaging manufacturers and packaging associations regard the use of computers for packaging design, timely production of diverse and colorful packaging products to meet market demand as the primary industrial policy. Recognizing the importance of sustainable development of the packaging industry, the Thai Packaging Association organized annual exhibitions and conferences to discuss how to promote its development to meet international needs. For example, ProPak Thailand Exhibition will be held to display new technologies and equipment for food packaging and general packaging production

packaging enterprises in Thailand are divided into three types: small, medium and large, accounting for 21.6%, 29.53% and 4.72% of the total respectively. Among them, 9.06% of packaging enterprises are exporters, and their main export markets are: the United States, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, China, Taiwan, China, Kuwait

Thailand's printing and packaging exports are on the rise, and its goal is to become Asia's printing service and paper packaging center. Source: Thai Consulate General in Kunming

source: PRINT world

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