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Analysis of the current situation of self-adhesive label printing in China

China's self-adhesive printing enterprises can be roughly divided into four categories or four levels according to their different geographical scope, the types of end customers, the application scope of labels, the level of hardware equipment and the actual situation of software technical force: primary level, intermediate level, medium and high level and high level. Different levels have their own characteristics and customer groups. It is worth mentioning that the level of the printing factory is not necessarily proportional to the economic benefits it receives, but depends on the needs of different levels of the market and the management of the printing factory itself

primary level

label product features

label products of primary self-adhesive printing plants are characterized by simple layout, generally based on simple lines, words and tables, as well as a small number of color dots and small-area field printing. Users have low requirements for the printing quality of label products, and there are no strict standards. In addition, another feature of this kind of label is its large quantity and single variety

basic users

the main end users of primary self-adhesive printing plants are industries that mainly use VIP (variable information printing) labels, such as supermarkets, stores, electronics industry, warehouse management, household chemicals and medicine. These customers generally need to print (or write) the labels of finished products twice, such as marking the product name and price on the electronic scale before the labels used in supermarkets are applied; In the store, the price is printed on the label surface with a price gun and pasted on the commodity surface; In the production process, use the bar code printer to randomly print the product information with blank labels, such as production date, product serial number, etc. Other customers are enterprises that use simple color labels and have low requirements for label printing. Therefore, this kind of label product is simple in structure and easy to process

application materials

are mainly matte paper materials, such as thermal paper, heat transfer paper, matte paper with (without) coating, and a small amount of coated paper and mirror paper. The film is mainly made of dumb silver PET material, with a small amount of BOPP, PVC, etc

intermediate level

characteristics of label products

intermediate level printing plants can not only contract label products that can be processed by Inner Mongolia Shangtai Industrial Co., Ltd., a primary enterprise, but also process more complex label products, including color prints based on dot overprint, and these products are mainstream products. Customers have certain requirements for product quality, such as the hue of batch products, the nesting accuracy between color groups, the same color density in batch production, etc

basic users

pharmaceutical industry, general cosmetics industry and daily chemical industry, among which the label products of pharmaceutical industry are the focus. Because the characteristics of medical labels are the business that the equipment capacity and technical level of intermediate label printing plants can undertake. Another feature of the intermediate label printing industry is that the types of customers are relatively complex, including both short version products and long version products

application materials

in order to meet the requirements of label structure, intermediate label enterprises should choose materials with good smoothness and high coating strength to adapt to the process characteristics of color dots and large-area field printing. Coated coated paper and mirror coated paper are the most commonly used materials, and a small amount of film materials such as PE, PP and pet are also commonly used by intermediate label customers. Similarly, the types of materials used by intermediate level label customers are complex and the quantity is uncertain

middle and high level

label product features

mainly color printed labels  online UV glazing, rotary bronzing, label adhesive surface printing, circular pressing, circular die cutting and other processes can be used. The label structure is more complex, and because the equipment has many printing stations, a color can be printed in multiple stations, which greatly improves the label quality. Customers have strict requirements for the printing and processing quality of labels, including the correct selection of materials, printing color, registration and die-cutting accuracy. Due to the complexity of label processing technology, it is difficult for printing plants without similar equipment to process the same label products. Therefore, the processed label color has certain anti-counterfeiting characteristics

user group

is mainly in the middle and high-end cosmetics and lubricants industries, including a small number of high-end labels in the daily chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. This kind of label products generally have a large number and stable orders

application materials

are mainly high-grade paper materials, and the rest are film materials. Paper materials include mirror coated paper and copper adjusted amplitude and frequency coated paper of various springs, elastomers and elastic elements. Film materials are mainly PE materials and some of fscclear and primax (patented products of Eli company). All materials used are high-grade materials, and only good materials can print good products

At present, there are only a limited number of printing plants at this level in China, and they are all foreign-funded enterprises. They introduce the most advanced international equipment, processes and technologies into China. Such printing plants can process all kinds of the most advanced high-end labels popular abroad, and the printing quality of labels is no different from that of similar products in foreign developed countries

label features

label graphics and texts can be printed at one time by different printing methods according to different needs, such as combined printing, such as embossing plus silk, flexo plus silk, offset plus silk, etc. This kind of label fully reflects the characteristics of various printing methods, such as truthfully, lines, shading or background color, which are printed with silk after ink layer, while the color dot part is embossed, flexographic or offset printing with high resolution. Through composite printing, the label has a three-dimensional sense, improves the printing quality, and also makes the label products become anti-counterfeiting labels

due to the multiple functions of the equipment, labels can be processed into various forms, such as multi-layer labels after lamination, special labels with local masking after double-sided die cutting, double-color labels after film printing and lamination, etc. These features are not processed by ordinary printing manufacturers

user group

is dominated by internationally renowned large companies. Because the labels of these companies were processed abroad before, they must be processed by these high-level printing plants after being transferred to China for processing. Other domestic customers are large companies with special requirements for label structure, because these labels are generally unable to be processed by printing plants. The basic customer base is similar to that of medium and high-end, but the printing quality and difficulty of the label itself are much higher than that of general labels

application materials

high grade film and paper materials are about 50% cheaper respectively, and the types of materials are basically similar to those used by middle and high-level customers. However, such printing plants generally have their own material detection devices, so there are strict requirements for material quality to avoid printing quality problems caused by material defects

the four levels of self-adhesive label printing are comprehensively introduced above. In fact, these four levels blend and connect with each other, and the boundary between them is vague

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