Overview of local absps markets on January 15, 201

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On January 15, 2010, ABS/PS Market Overview

ABS market dynamics:

the offer of Ningbo ABS market fluctuated in a narrow range and fell slightly. The mentality of merchants is general, and it is slightly difficult for the downstream to digest high prices. There are few transactions, and some materials have a small negotiation space. The demand of end users is general, and the market supply is basically normal

Shunde ABS market offer slightly weakened, about 50 yuan/ton, and modified plastics (including engineering plastics) accounted for 50000 tons. The field oil can enter the oil pump, the transaction atmosphere is weak, the middleman's shipment resistance is large, and the transaction is weak. The receiving capacity of end users is weak, and the overall supply of goods is sufficient

Dongguan ABS market continued to decline slightly by about yuan/ton. The confidence in the venue is weak and the atmosphere is poor. Most of the trade is dominated by shipments and the transaction is not good. The inventory of goods source is normal, and the demand of downstream factories is weak

PS market dynamics:

the morning quotation in Dongguan PS market continues to be low, ranging from yuan/ton. Some businesses make profits out of the game, and the trading is fast in and fast out. Terminal buyers mainly take with use, and the market shipment is slightly priced without market

Shunde PS market atmosphere is quiet and the offer is more stable. The upstream trend continued to be weak. Some merchants have firm shipping intention. The substantive talks in the morning were a little light. Downstream demand is sluggish, mainly with use and purchase

the atmosphere in Shantou PS market was quiet in the morning, and the offer rebounded slightly. The mentality of most businesses is general, and the main business is fast in and fast out. The downstream demand performance is poor, and the end buyers mainly buy with use. Analysis and classification of Jinan testing machine

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