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Lanzhou Petrochemical "small ethylene" entered the golden production season

on July 11, it was learned from Lanzhou Petrochemical Company that in June, the key indicators of the ethylene joint workshop of the petrochemical plant where Lanzhou Petrochemical "small ethylene" is located were all red, of which the yield of diene was 46.62%, an increase of 1.18 percentage points year-on-year; The comprehensive energy consumption was 802.446kg standard oil/ton, a year-on-year decrease of 18.241kg standard oil/ton; The output is 12786 tons, 1286 tons more than planned, and the production momentum is strong

since the beginning of this year, due to the shortage of cracking raw materials, the "small ethylene" of Lanzhou Petrochemical can only maintain less than 70% of the normal load. Insufficient resource allocation has brought problems such as low unit load, high consumption, difficult optimization and balance, difficult production organization and so on

in the face of many problems, the employees in the ethylene combined workshop look inward, dig deep into the potential of the device, and strive to reduce consumption after cleaning the surfaces without painting. After nearly a month of exploration and practice, the steam consumption of propylene refrigeration compressor driven turbine has decreased from 45 tons/hour to 41 tons/hour

less input, fine output and optimization. The cracking depth of 4 heavy oil cracking furnaces in the workshop was adjusted, and the effective cracking depth of 4 heavy oil cracking furnaces was reduced. According to the adjustment of the production load of the unit, the dynamic process adjustment is carried out for the C2 hydrogenation and C3 hydrogenation systems in the separation process, which correspondingly reduces the inlet temperature of the two hydrogenation reactors, reduces the amount of hydrogen, effectively inhibits the occurrence of side reactions and reduces the loss of ethylene and propylene

ensure safety, stability and excellence. The ethylene joint workshop continued to deepen the safety theme activity of "grasping implementation, controlling risk, strengthening drill and full staff management", and strictly controlled safety. This year, the workshop increased the planned maintenance rate of three sets of devices and timely eliminated the hidden dangers of building steel structure production of 36 million tons, 41 million tons and 46 million tons respectively

at the same time, the ethylene combined workshop is smoothly connected to the n-butane in the oil refining area, and the cracking is carried out in J and K cracking furnaces by mixing (mixing the other 2. Bellows ring stiffness tester cracking raw materials due to the characteristics of pipes), which alleviates the contradiction of insufficient resource allocation of "small ethylene" to a certain extent

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