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Analysis on market status and Prospect of China's e-government industry in 2018 smart city demand may intensify market competition

at present, the competition pattern in the field of comprehensive service provision in the domestic E-government industry is relatively stable, while the competition in the field of system integration and software development is relatively fierce. In the future, with the development of smart cities, higher requirements will be put forward for government e-government, and more competitors will be introduced to participate in the competition

the competitive pattern of comprehensive service provision is stable, and the competition for system integration and software development is fierce

at present, China's e-government market participants mainly include several large national operating enterprises and many regional operating enterprises. Among them, the key points of competition of national enterprises mainly include customer base, enterprise background and qualification; The key points of competition of regional enterprises mainly include cross regional expansion ability, product 2, working condition scheme and benchmark project of wire rod changing experimental machine. The national and regional representative enterprises are () and () respectively

in addition, according to the technical strength and service capacity, China's e-government construction enterprises can be divided into three categories: comprehensive service providers, system integrators and industrial software developers. Comprehensive service providers have strong technical strength and service capability, and generally adopt the mode of service outsourcing to provide customers with overall solutions including consulting, design, product, implementation, operation and maintenance, so as to meet the comprehensive e-government construction needs of customers

the scale of system integrators and industrial software developers is relatively small, which can only meet the local functional requirements under the conditions of constant pressure, temperature, frequency, travel and oil-free lubrication. On the one hand, they can directly serve as e-government suppliers, on the other hand, they can also serve as subcontractors of integrated service providers

at present, the competition pattern of integrated service providers in China's e-government market is relatively stable, the market threshold is relatively high, and it is difficult to enter; The number of system integrators and industry software developers is large, and the competition is relatively fierce

China's e-government has a market scale of 200 billion

the application and management of China's e-government involves many departments, including Party committees, people's congresses, governments, CPPCC, military and other government departments at all levels. According to the statistical data of the analysis report on the development prospect and investment strategic planning of China's e-government issued by the prospective industry research institute, the scale of China's e-government market reached 74 billion yuan in 2008. After that, it showed a state of rapid growth year by year. In 2010, the scale of China's e-government market exceeded 100 billion yuan for the first time. In 2015, the scale of China's e-government market exceeded 200 billion yuan, reaching 224.53 billion yuan. By 2017, the scale of China's e-government market had increased to 286.18 billion yuan

among them, in 2017, the hardware scale of China's e-government industry was 96.071 billion yuan, accounting for 33.57%; The scale of network equipment is 41.382 billion yuan, accounting for 14.46%; The scale of software is 65.077 billion yuan, accounting for 22.74%; The service scale was 83.65 billion yuan, accounting for 2.923 billion yuan

year is due to its direct attack on the two pain points of the development of new energy vehicle industry: mileage and battery fast charging. Statistics on the scale of China's e-government market

data source: forward looking Industry Research Institute sorted out

statistics on the market scale of China's e-government segments in 2017

data source: forward looking Industry Research Institute sorted out

ecological evolution of e-government, Boost the benefits of leading enterprises in various fields

in the new era, important changes will take place in the technology upgrading, top-level architecture, investment and construction mode of "Internet + government services": cloud computing, big data, AI and other innovative capabilities will be introduced in technology; The investment mode has gradually changed from self construction to service purchase; The top-level architecture has changed from the local construction of single application to the overall coordination of "big platform, big data and big system"; The construction mode has changed from independent construction to sharing and sharing

under the influence of these three changes, the industrial ecological cooperation of e-government will change qualitatively. For example, in the process of facing g-end customers, e-government manufacturers will change their early project construction thinking to operation and service thinking, and promote the early product delivery mode to sustainable operation mode; At the same time, for e-government industry cooperation, the simple upstream and downstream point-to-point cooperation under the background of the original era of large-scale system integration will not meet the needs of government users; Under the new architecture requirements of "big platform, big data and big system", the government needs e-government manufacturers to provide integrated solutions and service capabilities for "business collaboration and data sharing". Therefore, in the past, the point-to-point chain enterprise cooperation will move to a many to many relationship

in the process of e-government ecological evolution, the leading manufacturers in each subdivision solution field have significantly improved their relative competitive advantage; At the same time, the ecological status of super large aggregate manufacturers with obvious transformation will also be significantly improved. In other words, the ecological evolution of e-government will boost the benefits of leading enterprises in various fields and consolidate their competitive advantages

the development demand of smart city may intensify industry competition

in addition, the country is actively advocating the construction of smart city. In the construction of smart city, specific industries such as intelligent transportation, intelligent security and intelligent medical treatment will develop synchronously. The development of multi industry intelligence driven by smart city needs a stronger "brain" of urban construction - Smart e-government formulates technical standards and platform agreements related to various industries according to the actual needs of urban development, breaks the data island and administrative estrangement between traditional departments, realizes government information resource sharing and business collaboration, and enables the people to enjoy "one window acceptance and integrated services" Efficient and convenient services of "one application, express delivery", "one consultation, efficient interaction". The development of smart city and smart e-government will introduce more competitors and intensify industry competition

according to statistics, at present, Huawei, China Telecom, Xinhua III, Inspur and other enterprises are relatively high in the ranking of e-government and smart city solution providers, and are expected to occupy a certain market share in the E-government industry in the future


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