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The sorting machine and filling machine of small Rosa roxburghii Tratt are of great help

Rosa roxburghii Tratt is also known as the "golden fruit" of getting rich because of its ultra-high nutritional value and economic value. A few days ago, at the sugar and wine fair, an enterprise exhibited more than 10 products such as Rosa roxburghii fruit juice, Rosa roxburghii fruit shop, Rosa roxburghii tablet candy, Rosa roxburghii raw liquid, and Rosa roxburghii urging project, which not only promoted the development of local Rosa roxburghii processing industry, but also further consolidated the foundation for local poverty alleviation, realized farmers' poverty alleviation and prosperity, and accelerated the pace of Rural Revitalization

it is understood that panzhou is an important wild Rosa roxburghii origin in Guizhou Province, "Hometown of wild Rosa roxburghii" "As early as more than ten years ago, artificial planting of Rosa roxburghii was carried out. Rosa roxburghii has been planted in Liupanshui City for more than one million mu. At present, the whole industrial chain of Rosa roxburghii has been formed, and there is no unsalable situation in the fresh fruits and processed products of Rosa roxburghii. In order to solve the problem of processing and sales of Rosa roxburghii, the city has established an Rosa roxburghii production and research center. At the same time, the first phase has completed and realized the installation and operation of seven production lines, including juice, beverage, preserved fruit, raw juice, refined powder and canned food Production

in addition, in terms of intensive processing, the city will rely on existing Rosa roxburghii processing enterprises and cooperate with universities and R & D institutions to strengthen product R & D and process innovation, develop Rosa roxburghii fermented wine, beverage, Rosa roxburghii preserved fruit, health products, lozenges and other intensive processing products, and improve the conversion rate and proportion of Rosa roxburghii processed. The Rosa roxburghii beverage and other products it has developed and produced have been put on the market, with good market response and increasing recognition. After that, it made a breakthrough in the intensive processing of Rosa roxburghii, striving to achieve a capacity of more than 300000 tons by 2020

there is no doubt that the development of Rosa roxburghii Tratt industry provides opportunities for local governments to shake off poverty, farmers to shake off poverty and become rich, and accelerate rural revitalization. Of course, the development of Rosa roxburghii processing industry is inseparable from the support of food equipment, such as sorting equipment, washing machine, juicing equipment, crusher, beverage filling equipment, fermentation tank, drying equipment, etc. In fact, no matter what kind of deep-processing products, Rosa roxburghii needs to be sorted for subsequent processing. On the one hand, Rosa roxburghii is sorted according to size, weight and sweetness, which is conducive to the increase of added value

on the other hand, rotten fruits, moth eaten fruits and other sundries are removed through the sorter to prevent "problem fruits" from flowing into the subsequent production line and ensure the quality and safety of Rosa roxburghii deep processing products. Similarly, the sorted Rosa roxburghii needs to be cleaned to remove the dirt and pesticide residues on the Rosa roxburghii and ensure the safety of subsequent processing. At present, the fruit washing machine has been launched in the market. When the fruit and vegetable washing machine is working, it supplies power to the ozone generator. The ozone generator generates ozone, which is dissolved in the water to form ozone water. Thus, it plays a role in sterilization, surface quality, disinfection and pesticide degradation of Rosa roxburghii

for Rosa roxburghii beverage, fruit juice, stock solution and other products, high-temperature instantaneous sterilization, degassing treatment technology and global advanced manufacturing process are mainly adopted, and juice extraction equipment will be involved in its production and processing. The juicing equipment is mainly used to press the juice of Rosa roxburghii Tratt. By pressing it under the promotion of the screw, the volume of the screw cavity is reduced, resulting in the squeezing of Rosa roxburghii Tratt. It is worth mentioning that this function can increase the juice yield of Rosa roxburghii Tratt juice by about 30%, and the juice yield exceeds 70% (depending on the raw materials). To a certain extent, it can avoid the waste of raw materials and save costs for enterprises

in addition to juicing equipment, Rosa roxburghii beverage also needs professional aseptic filling equipment to ensure filling efficiency. Fans can watch wonderful ball games and quality. It is understood that at present, the three in one liquid filling machine has been launched in the market, which integrates the three in one functions of washing, filling and capping. It not only improves the filling efficiency of Rosa roxburghii beverage, but also has a high degree of automation and simple operation. It also greatly reduces the labor intensity and saves the labor cost for the enterprise. In addition, the advanced programmable frequency converter (PLC) is used to control the automatic operation of the machine, which cooperates with the host frequency conversion to make the bottle feeding operation more stable and reliable

in general, Rosa roxburghii Tratt has not only rich nutritional value, but also high medicinal value. The health products mainly produced by Rosa roxburghii Tratt industry are in line with the consumption trend of nutrition and health drinks under the upgrading of consumption. The future development is expected. In the deep processing of Rosa roxburghii, relevant food processing equipment, such as sorting machine, washing machine, juicing equipment, filling machine, etc., will also help them to ensure the taste and quality of Rosa roxburghii products


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