Emerson won China's first $5.8 million

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Emerson won China's first $5.8 million Harbin urban water/sewage treatment automation project

adopting PlantWeb digital factory structure and ovation control system as automation scheme, Emerson Process Management announced that it had won the contract for China's first integrated water treatment control project worth $5.8 million. The project is in the charge of Harbin water supply and Drainage Group Co., Ltd. and will implement the PlantWeb digital factory structure including ovation expert control system. Mopanshan Reservoir and water treatment plant involved in the project will serve the whole city of Harbin

as the capital of Heilongjiang Province and the seventh largest city in China, Harbin has 3million residents. With the economic development and the continuous expansion of the city scale, in order to meet the increasing demand for clean water, the Harbin municipal government has built a new water treatment plant with a daily treatment capacity of 119 million gallons (450000 cubic meters per day) and a 94billion gallons (356 million cubic meters) reservoir, and expanded the existing urban water supply pipeline by 110 miles (175 kilometers)

Emerson's PlantWeb digital factory management and control structure integrates ovation expert control system, foundationtm fieldbus technology, intelligent field instruments, SCADA (monitoring and data acquisition) system, and amstm equipment management combination: intelligent equipment management system, which provides continuous monitoring and control for new water treatment plants and reservoirs to start experiments by pressing buttons on the computer, At the same time, the remote monitoring and control of the original 14 wastewater plants and pumping stations belonging to the wastewater recovery system are known

throughout the project, Emerson's ovation system will monitor and control about 20000 i/o points. At the same time, Emerson also provides 2 redundant networks, 5 pairs of redundant controllers, 1 pair of redundant SCADA servers, 48 laptops, 24 operator stations, 2 sets of remote terminal devices and 142 Foundation Fieldbus intelligent devices, including Rosemount transmitters and Rosemount analyzers. The project is expected to be completed in august2006

ovation system not only provides advanced process control, but also enables operators to monitor the water and wastewater treatment process in the central control center of Harbin water supply and drainage group, so as to improve the operation efficiency

"Emerson has provided us with a complete and scalable control scheme, enabling us to fully and effectively integrate and optimize the equipment of water plants, reservoirs and pump stations." Menglili, information technology director of Harbin water supply and drainage group company, said: "in addition to providing control functions and valuable operation information for our water/sewage treatment system, we believe that ovation system will grow with us to meet our future needs."

"with the rapid development of China, the demand for water and water treatment in densely populated cities like Harbin is rising. After the bir meeting," said John Berra, President of Emerson Process Management, "we are very pleased to provide advanced PlantWeb and ovation technologies for this flagship project to meet the growing demand today and in the future."

about plantweb

for Emerson users, PlantWeb digital factory structure is a management and control solution that can provide equipment management, process control and management execution through intelligent field devices, standard scalable platforms and modular integrated software. The intelligent field device transmits the pre diagnosis information of the whole plant to the amstm device management combination software built into ovation control system

about ovation

ovation is an automation scheme that can make the operation of water and water treatment more optimized and economical. Many large cities, including Detroit, San Diego and Sacramento, as well as some small cities, use ovation to ensure access to cleaner and safer water resources, reduce environmental hazards and greatly reduce operating costs. Ovation not only realizes the perfect integration of plant level information, but also realizes the integration of information in the whole region, thus bringing considerable benefits


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