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Traditional channel operators have become operators' wage earners: they have lost the contract machine. According to the data, two well-known domestic channel listed companies, Tianyin holdings and aishide, both expect to suffer losses in 2012. In order to cope with the competition of rapid intelligent update, brand manufacturers prefer to customize with operators in depth, and more traditional channel operators have been abandoned by brand manufacturers

this newspaper has continuously reported on the phenomenon of contract machines, which has aroused great concern in the society. However, this newspaper continues to conduct in-depth investigation and finds that the popularity of contract machines has had a great impact on the traditional channels that used to have the right to speak about sales. How to survive has become a difficult problem faced by major professional channels. According to the data, two well-known domestic listed channel companies, Tianyin holdings and aishide, both expect to suffer losses in 2012. In order to cope with the competition of rapid intelligent update, brand manufacturers prefer to customize with operators in depth, and more traditional channel companies are abandoned by brand manufacturers. According to our investigation, traditional channel providers have no ability to fight back against the competition of operators, and they want to recruit for transformation

loss of former channel giants

as two well-known traditional sales platforms in China, Tianyin holdings and aishide are all powerful in the era of functional machines, but the popularity of contract machines makes the current life of former giants very difficult

on January 18, Tianyin holdings announced that its net profit in 2012 was expected to be a loss of 10million yuan to 20million yuan, which was far lower than the profit level of 50.6643 million yuan in 2011. The reason for its loss announcement was that the smart market developed rapidly. In order to avoid greater losses caused by further price decline, the company increased inventory clearing in 2012, resulting in a loss in distribution business profits; In the third quarter report of 2012, another domestic sales channel, aishide, predicted that the net profit loss in 2012 was 250million yuan to 280million yuan, and so far the company has said that there is no need to revise the performance forecast. Some analysts believe that Ashtar relies too much on Samsung. With the implementation of the direct sales model by Samsung in the past two years, Ashtar's performance has been greatly affected

Huaqiangbei has no pollution and low noise. As one of the largest domestic wholesale distribution centers in China, the rise or fall of Shenzhen Huaqiangbei is a barometer of changes in domestic channels. In 2007 and 2008, when the market was at its peak, we had to constantly improve our requirements and let more high-quality wholesalers come in. Zhaoyunyu, who has worked as a marketing manager in Huaqiangbei shopping mall for many years, said. It is understood that in 2007 and 2008, Huaqiangbei was full of domestic wholesale and retail outlets, and some channel merchants were even willing to pay several times more for one outlet

however, since 2011, the business of Huaqiangbei has declined, and many stores have been vacant. Zhaoyunyu said that one of the main reasons is that there is too little profit space in China, and channel merchants are more willing to do the current popular parallel goods. On the other hand, in order to sell goods quickly, manufacturers choose to ship goods directly from manufacturers to county-level agents, so as to give more profit space to end retailers facing consumers, let them vigorously promote and reduce inventory

consumers prefer contract machines

what is the status of contract machines among manufacturers? The heads of several domestic manufacturers interviewed by this newspaper said that it can greatly improve sales, which is the main driving force for many domestic manufacturers to rush to cooperate with operators

Su Feng, vice president of Coolpad, said in an interview with this newspaper that at present, the industry has entered an era dominated by operators. Only by closely following the rhythm of operators and conducting in-depth cooperation with operators can domestic manufacturers gain the first opportunity in the competition. In the previous report of this newspaper, it has been disclosed that the contract machine brings a lot of inconvenience and is not cheap. However, at the beginning of purchase, consumers see that the contract machine has the advantages of price and call fee return, so they choose to purchase the contract machine one after another, which makes the traditional channel providers lose their advantage in the competition with operators. It is reported that among the domestic brands, several models with sales of more than one million are contract machines of operators. Obtain test results and data on elongation, elongation, stress, strain, etc. of the 10 consumers interviewed by this newspaper, 7 used contract machines from major operators

manufacturers have greatly reduced the channel links

and for those domestic manufacturers who have not entered the list of centralized purchase operators, the traditional channels are gradually losing their original advantages

yuanjunjie, general manager of Shenzhen kailitong brand business department, revealed in an interview with this newspaper that with the transition from the era of functional computers to the era of smart computers, operators now have the right to speak. For brand manufacturers like kailitong that do not cooperate with operators, we are now more willing to reduce the channel links and do not want to follow the previous path of national package, provincial package, local package, county package and retailers

according to Yuan Junjie, the smart era is updated almost every three months. At the same time, the capital requirements are high. The starting capital for an intelligent model is 30 yuan, which indicates that the domestic demand is strong enough to support the higher price of RMB 0 million. If two models are made and can not be done well, RMB 6million will be lost. Therefore, everyone wants to sell the goods as soon as possible, which requires the manufacturer to leave more profit space to the retailer. At the same time, according to the original channel process of multiple links, for several months, they are no longer simple ordinary bottles, films, tires, etc. at that time, they have become obsolete in the hands of consumers

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