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Trademark is one of the most important intangible assets of modern enterprises and a powerful weapon to participate in market competition. In the past few years, although enterprises in our province have paid more attention to trademarks, there is still a significant gap compared with other provinces. In particular, the widespread phenomenon of ignoring trademark protection and being unwilling or unable to create a well-known trademark has become an important link restricting the economic development of Gansu Province

it is learned from the relevant provincial departments that there are currently more than 100000 enterprises of various types in our province, including individual, private and foreign-funded enterprises, but the cumulative number of effective registered trademarks is only 6869 (including 167 famous trademarks in the province). If the enterprises whose trademarks have not been renewed after the expiration of ten years are excluded. The actual number of trademarks is less than 5000, that is to say, only 20 enterprises in our province have one trademark

enterprises do not know enough about trademarks. In an interview, the head of the trademark advertising office of Gansu Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce said that although there are not many "ace trademarks" in our province, there are also some products that are well-known in the country, such as Gangu ink, great wall switch, Tianshui 213 machine tool, etc., which occupy a certain share in the domestic market. These products have been rated as the first famous trademarks of our province, but they disappeared when the second and third famous trademarks were recognized; There are also some enterprises that are specially used to test the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load. Some state-owned enterprises always feel it doesn't matter whether they participate in the recognition of famous trademarks

the lack of trademark awareness has brought not only missed business opportunities, but also hard to swallow. In May last year, Wu Binghui, a Cantonese, submitted an application to the Provincial Intellectual Property Office, claiming that the blue diagonal stripe packaging bags used by three lily processing enterprises such as Lanzhou Guangzheng Lily Co., Ltd. infringed the appearance design of fresh lily, which was applied for registration in 19 and obtained accurate data in 97 and has been patented. This makes the lily processing enterprises in our province shocked. Lanzhou Lily packaging design, which has been used uniformly for many years, has become the patent of others in the twinkling of an eye

1998, when the "Liangliang" detergent produced by Bluestar detergent Co., Ltd. sold well in the market, and Bluestar applied for its registered trademark, an enterprise in Nanjing was the first to register in January. In desperation, the company only gets a high price to buy the trademark that others have applied for

huge investment blocks the pace of enterprises. Enterprises must invest a lot in human, material and financial resources to strive for a well-known trademark in China

yangjiqiang, chairman of the board of directors of the "Yellow River" group, told us that at present, the Yellow River group has registered 52 trademarks

in the past two years alone, the "Yellow River" has invested 110million yuan to introduce a world-class pure draft beer production line from Germany. It was completed and put into operation in November2001. At the same time, it has invested more than 30million yuan. How can it be operated and switched with unknown achievements? Therefore, the largest beverage production line in Northwest China has been established in practice. In order to continuously develop new products and publicize the enterprise, since 1996, Huanghe group has invested an average of nearly 100 million yuan in new product development and advertising every year, accounting for 58% of the total annual profits and taxes of the enterprise

however, in our province, there are still a few enterprises like the Yellow River

the huge investment in striving for regional or national well-known trademarks has made many enterprises sigh at the "standards". The general lack of funds and strength has become a practical problem that restricts the enterprises in our province to strengthen their trademark awareness and implement brand strategy

government support needs to be strengthened. For enterprises, it is very important for the government to support them in implementing the trademark brand strategy and whether it can create better external conditions for enterprises. The economically developed provinces along the southeast coast have issued such preferential policies: once the enterprises successfully apply for China's well-known trademarks, the government will give considerable rewards to encourage more enterprises to strive for their own well-known trademarks

according to the Xinhua news agency, three years ago, Qingdao formulated the reward measures for enterprises with well-known trademarks: 500000 yuan for enterprises' products with national famous brands (China's well-known trademarks); RMB 200000 for provincial famous brand products; The reward for obtaining municipal famous brand products is 100000 yuan. Last year, after the trademark "wushanchi" of Linxia Prefecture was rated as a famous trademark of the province, the economic and Trade Commission of the prefecture awarded the factory 20000 yuan. Although the money is not much, it shows that the state attaches importance to enterprises striving for famous trademarks

1997, our province formally proposed to implement the famous brand strategy, and the provincial government also issued corresponding policies, deciding to allocate 10million yuan per year to cultivate and develop "LONGHUO boutique"

if a reward policy can be issued for enterprises' products to obtain China's famous trademarks and provincial and municipal famous products, it will help to encourage more enterprises to strive for famous trademarks and China's famous trademarks, accelerate the pace of implementing the brand expansion strategy in our province, and stimulate the rapid economic growth of the Province

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