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On November 30, the first Baidu cloud Intelligence Summit will be officially held in Beijing International Convention Center. This summit will focus on the three major technology fields of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data with the theme of intelligence and infinite possibility of computing, and take this as a platform for innovation and cooperation to further consolidate the strategy and characteristic advantages of Baidu's cloud intelligent digital integration development, drive the intelligent upgrading of various industries, and then accelerate the intelligent process of the whole society. This summit is also the first technology summit forum with such a high standard and covering the whole industry in the field of cloud computing since Baidu cloud horsepower was fully opened

at the meeting, baidu executives such as baidu president zhangyaqin will attend the main forum of the summit and deliver speeches. Intel and other well-known enterprises will look forward to the future of the ecological development of the cloud computing industry, and more important products and ecological policies will be released

in addition, the summit will open seven four ball friction and wear experimental machine sub forums, including artificial intelligence big data forum, intelligent multimedia cloud forum, IOT forum, intelligent transportation cloud forum, cloud computing basic technology forum, cloud ecological development forum and Industry Innovation Forum. Baidu will share and discuss yunzhishu's industrial technology with industry leaders, industry experts and scholars to help more depression patients, future strategies and industry innovation

Baidu's high-profile layout of cloud computing

in China and even the global cloud computing market, the market competition can be described as fierce, but Baidu is full of confidence in the market competition of cloud computing

in January 2015, Robin Lee, founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu, said at Baidu's 2014 annual meeting and 15th anniversary celebration that Baidu is promoting the construction and development of mobile cloud ecosystem. Since then, Baidu has opened its core infrastructure technology to provide a full range of reliable and easy-to-use high-performance cloud computing products for public cloud demanders, and Baidu open cloud has begun to come into people's sight

at the cloud computing strategy conference in July this year, baidu cloud accurately grasped the pulse of the times and proposed the positioning and development strategy of the trinity of cloud intelligence and data based on its own technical advantages

on October 11, baidu Open Cloud announced that it was renamed Baidu cloud, which once again strengthened the brand cohesion of Baidu's cloud computing services for the enterprise market, and it is also the starting gun for Baidu to develop the enterprise cloud computing market

Liu Yang, general manager of Baidu cloud, said that although cloud computing has been widely accepted by Internet enterprises, its entry into the enterprise level market has only just begun this year. Large and medium-sized Internet companies have only really started big data business, and artificial intelligence is only involved by super large Internet companies or professional AI companies. Both the big data market and the field of artificial intelligence are far from reaching the stage of rapid development

Baidu started from the search business and is a natural cloud computing company. At present, baidu cloud's product line has covered computing and networking, storage and CDN, database services, data analysis, security management, etc. In 2016, baidu cloud accelerated its march into the enterprise level cloud service market, focusing on the launch of three platforms, namely, Tiansuan, Tianxiang and Tiangong, to provide cloud services in the three fields of intelligent big data, intelligent multimedia and intelligent IOT. After upgrading, baidu cloud will also pay more attention to the development of artificial intelligence. In addition, baidu cloud is also building a complete cloud ecosystem with partners in the fields of solutions, cloud services, software tools, venture capital incubation, channel distribution, etc

cloud smart number empowers traditional enterprises

idc predicts that by 2020, the main objects served by cloud computing will be transferred from incremental it to stock it, and the IT systems and applications established by enterprise users will be migrated to the cloud on a large scale, which will drive the lack of oil in the cloud computing market. The same kind of hydraulic oil can be added appropriately; If the oil has evolved into a full-scale outbreak

Baidu cloud will also take embracing the industry as an important direction in the future. Liu Yang recognized the direction of Baidu cloud towards industry users. He believes that Baidu, as an Internet enterprise, is best at connecting consumers. In the future, baidu cloud will also penetrate the industry through this ability:

first, the layout of content ecology. Based on previous experience and technical capabilities, the customers of Baidu digital marketing cloud have now covered traditional manufacturers, large media traffic hosts, TV stations, etc., while the multimedia field, including live broadcast, video and text, also needs the intelligent processing of Baidu cloud, such as the automatic recognition technology of OCR text, image, video and subtitle. Baidu cloud's CDN network will be integrated into Baidu search, library and other ecosystems in the future to provide customers with better CDN services for content distribution

secondly, the layout of big data. Baidu cloud's big data not only studies consumer behavior, but also pays attention to IOT, especially the big data analysis of industrial manufacturing

in addition, baidu cloud's long-term goal is still Internet + layout. Therefore, baidu cloud will actively cooperate with more traditional IT enterprises for win-win results, cooperate with governments and institutions, support small and medium-sized start-ups, and expand its own ecosystem, which brings us a lot of convenience

this Baidu cloud Intelligence Summit will comprehensively focus on the three major cloud intelligence industries, and deeply discuss their penetration and application in the whole industry. Among them, the intelligent transportation cloud forum will share Baidu's innovative practices in the field of intelligent transportation, and tell how cloud smart number can change the current traffic situation and improve urban operation efficiency

in fact, in recent years, Baidu has successively applied cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data technology to search, security, medical treatment, education and other business levels, and Baidu's unmanned car, which has penetrated Baidu's brain technology research and development achievements, has attracted much attention

this time, through the baidu cloud Intelligence Summit, baidu further elaborated its technical advantages to the industry, gave new meaning to cloud computing, promoted the deep integration of cloud computing technology innovation with the whole industry, and helped traditional enterprises achieve intelligent transformation and upgrading

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