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If you want to have a good spirit, you need enough sleep, and the bedroom is a great place to rest. People will design their bedrooms according to their preferences, so that they can fall asleep safely at the most tired time of the day

the living room is the facade of a home, and the design of the living room often needs to consider the display function; The bedroom is a private space of the home and the exclusive lounge of the residents. When designing, you can completely listen to your heart. Do you prefer cute princess style or domineering Royal sister type? Is it a fresh pastoral style or an urban white-collar type? Now let's take a look at the bedrooms of different styles

karoya European style solid wood bedroom

European style queen fan

elegant white symbolizes the Queen's flashing light, delicate and gorgeous, as if to reproduce the goddess like bright eyes and teeth, wisdom and beauty. The natural European wind turns the royal nobility, luxury and elegance. The noble and moist white oak pattern endows the wardrobe and bed with high-grade quality. The unique mountain shaped wood grain of oak, with clear texture, seems to be fixed in the light, with gentleness and softness. The European style design creates a noble and refined Queen's living room, showing the noble beauty of the bedroom. In the flowing light, the romantic European style detail design is featured, and the charming beauty that captures people's hearts and souls is outlined

Canaria French bedroom

French romantic style

the bright yellow light shows bursts of warmth, so warm that the crystal under the chandelier can't help swaying in the light. The swaying figure is reflected on the beautiful grapevine on the wallpaper, on the pure Plateau snow oak wardrobe, and on the numerous and meticulous high-end beds, creating a romantic, modern, young space, showing the lively sunshine in the space, Building a lively freehand lifestyle is like being in romantic France. The roses and acanthus leaves on the bed are intertwined, which blend with each other to produce a warm visual sense, but also bring warm inner feelings. The exquisite wallpaper adds a touch of light and shadow to the space that was already full of sunshine, reflecting a pleasant and light mood

carnoya American bedroom

American nostalgia

American home furnishing combines the luxurious atmosphere of European style and the unrestrained and uninhibited style of North American Aborigines. After 100 years of development, it has formed a unique American style. American home furnishings prefer to make old crafts, which do not blindly pursue "old", but look for a sense of historical massiness and desolation of fleeting time in making old and retro. Furniture is not just a piece of furniture, but an object carrying history and culture, which is worth savoring in time. The mellow and noble atmosphere is blended with a little shy orange soft light, lingering with a faint charming warmth. Sleep naturally in the morning, find your lover by your side, stretch, and feel the satisfaction at the moment

karoya Chinese bedroom

Chinese antique flavor

the whole space adheres to the principle of balance and symmetry of Chinese furniture. The Chinese bedroom will perfectly interpret the implicit and introverted golden mean, highlighting the mature and stable temperament of residents and the bedroom atmosphere with unique Oriental color. Chinese elements such as flower and bird paintings, return grid, ink painting chandeliers, peony bonsai, retro jewelry boxes and so on are dotted with the antique wine red space. They are not simply stacked with elements, but to collect the traces of time and express the inner ownership of Oriental culture. Meticulous workmanship and the flavor added by the antique with the passage of time constitute a sincere Chinese charm

karoya idyllic bedroom

fresh idyllic style

living in the noisy and flashy reinforced concrete forest for a long time, I can't help but cherish the countryside with beautiful mountains and rivers, small bridges and flowing water, fragrant flowers and birds everywhere. Stepping into the highland snow oak idyllic bedroom from the hustle and bustle of the world, a fragrance strikes, which is a kind of fresh and delicate flowers and plants after the rain, with its unique purity. The simple and smooth lines create a comfortable and warm living space, eager to be as pure as white clouds, as peaceful as a quiet night, free from the miscellaneous and cumbersome urban life, and let the thought intoxicate in the pure image, quiet, elegant, delicate and soft. What is more valuable is the simplicity without any distractions, giving people a strong sense of family warmth

there are so many styles of bedrooms mentioned above. I wonder if there is one that suits your heart. Let's hurry to decorate our bedrooms





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