Matching advantages of light colored wood flooring

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The surface texture and color reflected by the wooden floors sold in the former market are also different according to their different materials. However, modern people generally prefer to pursue the decoration trend of simplicity, fashion and warmth, so the application of light colored wooden floors is more extensive. If light colored wooden floors are used in the process of home decoration, how should they be selected in collocation

the light color wood floor, which slightly reveals the natural grain of wood, is easy to remind people of the vast forest and the fragrance of logs, which is very suitable for creating a relaxed and modern simple room style. Here are some tips about matching light colored wood flooring with home decoration:

1. Light colored wood flooring and light colored furniture are a perfect match, giving people a fresh feeling. Furniture and wood floors can be the same color, adding more natural flavor to the home

2. Light colored outdoor wood floors and green potted plants can be laid on the balcony to create a natural atmosphere of nature

3. Light colored wood flooring is easy to give people a monotonous feeling, so you can try bright colors in the choice of decorations

4. Pay attention to moisture-proof, mildew proof and yellowing proof for light colored wood floors; Because it is easy to leave scratches, do not let hard objects touch the wooden floor




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