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Traditional electrical control is integrated with artificial intelligence

experts interpret the major of electrical engineering and intelligent control

many candidates who are committed to studying engineering will pay attention to the major of electrical engineering. When they see the major of electrical engineering and intelligent control, they will inevitably be confused. What is the difference between this major and the traditional major of electrical engineering and automation? Is this a traditional business or an emerging specialty? Where can I find a job after graduation

Jinan assayjinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. is the largest laboratory machine manufacturer in China. Yesterday, Gaocheng, vice president of the school of chemical process automation of Liaoyang Branch of Shenyang University of technology, was interviewed to explain the enrollment, curriculum and employment prospects of the major

[question 1]

is this major the same as the traditional electrical engineering and automation major

integrating artificial intelligence on the basis of traditional electrical control Gao Cheng: I believe that students in electrical engineering and automation major are not unfamiliar with it. Electrical engineering and intelligent control major adds emerging intelligent control to the basis of traditional electrical engineering, which is equivalent to an "upgraded version" of electrical engineering and automation major

at this stage, the traditional electrical control of power generation, transmission, distribution, power consumption and other links can no longer meet the needs of development. When we want to combine thermal power generation, wind power generation, solar power generation and other power generation, we need intelligent algorithms to control

taking Shenyang University of technology as an example, the major of electrical engineering and intelligent control has two directions: power system and robot control system. The trained talents can be engaged in relevant engineering design, system research and development, system integration, project management, etc. in the field of power system and industrial robot, and have the qualification of certified electrical engineer and the preliminary ability of application and development of electrical and intelligent control technology

[question 2]

what kind of students are suitable for studying this major

requires a solid foundation in mathematics and physics without special requirements

Gao Cheng: the major of electrical engineering and intelligent control aims to cultivate compound engineering and technical talents with innovative spirit and good English communication ability who can engage in system analysis, system design, system operation and maintenance, scientific and Technological Development in the fields of industrial enterprise motion control, power supply and distribution technology, detection and automation instruments, information processing, etc. Students applying for this major need to have a solid foundation in mathematics and physics, and there are no special requirements when applying

[question 3]

what courses do students of this major study in university

practical courses practice in thermal power plants and factory electrical workshops Gao Cheng: the core courses of this major mainly include circuit theory, analog electronic technology, digital electronic technology, motor and drive, automatic control principle, power electronic technology, single chip microcomputer principle and application, power system analysis, object-oriented programming, computer control technology, electrical control and PLC application, motion control system, power supply engineering Theoretical basis of intelligent control, etc

practical courses include course experiment, computer (computer programming), professional training, professional practice, graduation design, etc. Students of this major will go to the electrical workshops of power plants and factories for internships

[question 4]

what learning methods can be used for reference during the study of this major? What are the suggestions for professional study

take part in innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, discipline competitions and teachers' scientific research projects. Gao Cheng: during the study of this major, it is necessary to strengthen the training of practical ability and pay attention to the combination of theory and practice. At the beginning of professional study, you should choose a good direction and training program, and participate in extra-curricular social practice activities. It is used to measure the deformation of samples in the experimental process, such as innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, discipline competitions, etc. you should also participate in Teachers' scientific research projects. In this way, you can combine book knowledge with actual production, and directly enter the work role upon graduation, The enterprise eliminates the staff training time and cost

[question 5]

what is the future employment prospect of this major? What industry are you mainly engaged in

large factories of electrical control production lines need

Gao Cheng: graduates of this major can work in the fields of system analysis, design, development, comprehensive technical support and management in the fields of power system, motion control system, industrial robot, intelligent industrial production process and products, information transmission, etc. It can be engaged in automatic control of production and management, system control and operation maintenance of electrical equipment in modern enterprises, especially foreign enterprises, as well as scientific research; You can apply for national electricity

nationwide, the employment prospect of electrical engineering and intelligent control specialty is very broad, and any large factory needs to use electrical control; At the same time, power plants and power enterprises all need professional talents to carry out production line development, transformation, operation management and maintenance

Shenyang Electrical Engineer

monthly salary yuan

the staff of an electric power company in Shenyang said that the starting salary of graduates of electrical control staff can be about 5000 yuan per month. The human resources department said that there are not many professionals in electrical intelligent control, and they are in short supply

it is found in the job search station that there are many positions for electrical engineers, and the salary is generally more than 5000 yuan, and even a large foreign-funded enterprise has given a monthly salary of yuan. Job requirements generally refer to power application system demand investigation, analysis, service design, scheme preparation based on big data, as well as installation, commissioning and maintenance of electrical production equipment

which other colleges and universities offer electrical engineering and intelligent control

North China University

Suzhou University

southwestjiaotonguniversity products are mainly sold abroad

Xi'an University of technology

Heilongjiang University of science and technology

Liaoning University of Engineering

Nanjing Institute of Engineering

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