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Lima vacuum switching device manufacturing industry

I. industry characteristics

* typical multi variety, small batch, order oriented discrete production enterprises, focusing on assembly

* product structure is clear. We have established the second automatic production line to ensure that the process flow is simple and clear, the process route is flexible, the production equipment is arranged according to the process, the manufacturing

resource coordination is complex

* customer needs are diverse, Customers have different functional requirements for different configurations, with a large variety of products, large output, and a growing trend

* the market changes rapidly, and frequent demand changes lead to frequent changes in production plans

* the delivery period required by customers is getting shorter and shorter, and the delivery period is far less than the manufacturing cycle. In order to meet the needs of customers, we must reserve some standard parts

* the European Union frequently formulates and updates the technical regulations for plastic products in contact with food, the formulation of standard production plans and the management of production tasks. The task is heavy

* the logistics line is long, and different work calendars are used in different process stages

* there is always a certain amount of cost loss in the production process, and the yield is generally about 95%

* cost accounting is complex

<2 Main problems

* organize production according to the "unit" plan, which increases the occupation of materials and funds

* logistics management is difficult to be fast and accurate

* it is difficult to coordinate manufacturing resources, and there are often parts shortages that delay production progress

* urgent demand in the market, frequent demand changes lead to frequent changes in production plans, and the response speed of production to orders is not fast enough

* there are many varieties of products, large output, and poor communication of production and marketing information, The response speed from order to production is slow

* the statistics and accounting are rough, resulting in inaccurate product costs and insufficient fineness of cost accounting

III. in the future, more factories will establish solutions

1. Apply the MRP system to establish a planning model for organizing production according to the lead time of parts

introduce and establish a set of scientific, accurate and rapid response production planning and control method --mrp system. According to the production progress and quantity of the final products, it prepares the production operation plan, outsourcing plan, imported parts plan and procurement plan of each workshop according to the lead time and reasonable batch of parts. The purpose is to make the workshops and departments produce or supply blanks and parts accurately connect in time and quantity, minimize the production and procurement lead time, reduce WIP, save production working capital, and compress the production and manufacturing cycle. So as to improve the organizational ability of multi variety and small batch production of vacuum switch components manufacturing enterprises

2. Change manufacturing according to order to assembly according to order, and shorten the delivery cycle

first, organize the production of general parts according to prediction, and reserve a certain number of standard tubular general parts. When the order comes, the final assembly can be carried out according to the customer's requirements, so that the delivery cycle is completely determined by the product assembly cycle, so as to achieve the purpose of shortening the delivery cycle

3. Use planning tools and inventory analysis tools to quickly respond to changing order requirements and reasonably adjust the content of production plans

when customer order requirements change or orders are inserted due to the receipt of emergency orders, the planning tools provided by the system can enable enterprises to quickly simulate future production conditions and automatically adjust the content of production plans according to the current inventory, in-process and other resource conditions

in addition, the use of inventory analysis tools to analyze the current existing inventory of complete sets and missing parts can enable enterprises to approve the implementation plan for the development of bio based materials industry in Tianjin, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Changchun, and timely understand the number of inventory sets and production shortages, which is another favorable basis for enterprises to avoid missing parts loss and plan formulation

4. Use the inventory analysis tool to analyze the complete set and missing parts of the existing inventory in time, and find the countermeasures to the order demand

5. Use the gradual carry forward method to calculate the cost by parts. Supervise and control the cost of each part in different process stages

when the production plan adopts MRP Ⅱ method to organize production according to different production lead times and reasonable batch production of parts, the cost calculation should adopt the gradual carry forward method to calculate the cost according to parts. This not only improves the accounting fineness, but also automatically reads the actual picking and in-process quantity through the association with the manufacturing data subsystem, workshop operation subsystem and inventory subsystem, so as to monitor and control the cost of each part in different process stages and ensure the accuracy of the cost of a single product

IV. system introduction

* Lima vacuum switch components manufacturing enterprise management system is a specially designed integrated enterprise management system, which can meet the requirements of simplifying complexity in the vacuum switch components manufacturing industry

* it is an innovative and fully integrated solution, which is easy to implement and economical to operate

* the flexible features and functions established in Lima vacuum switch component manufacturing enterprise management system can provide sufficient support for your information requirements. According to the different needs of enterprises, provide all-round solutions and fast and high-quality services

v. system structure

VI. typical customer

China Zhenhua (Group) Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech listed company, which was established in December 1996. As the main profit-making enterprise of "Zhenhua Technology", Yuguang branch is a professional company specializing in the research, production and sales of vacuum interrupters, vacuum circuit breakers and complete sets of high and low voltage switchgear in China

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