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Lyme's strategy of accelerating development in China Beijing production center moved to a new address, Beijing, China, July 6, 2009 - today, lem, the world's leading current and voltage measurement component manufacturer, announced that its Beijing Lyme Electronics Co., Ltd., located in Beijing Shunyi Linhe Industrial Development Zone, has officially launched a new production center, with an annual production capacity expected to be as high as 100 million Swiss francs. At the same time, the completion of the new site and the overall relocation work is also a gift for the 20th anniversary of lime's roots in the Chinese market

compared with the past, the new production center has significantly improved in hardware facilities such as production, office and staff dormitory. It is a comprehensive production center with leading technology, exquisite quality and perfect management. As an important part of Lyme group's strategy to accelerate its development in China, it further emphasizes Lyme's commitment to the growth market in China and the entire Asia Pacific region. The innovative technology applied in the new production facilities has further strengthened Lyme's cost advantage and technological leadership in the production field. At present, China has become the most important market for Lyme in the Asia Pacific region, and it is also the third largest market in the world. Lyme will accelerate the construction of a better future in China with advanced production technology

the card can be directly inserted into any 1pci slot of the microcomputer

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