The hottest lime delegation visited Lide warford

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Lime delegation visited Lide Huafu

on June 20, 2008, a delegation led by nsdieterhuber, vice president of lime industrial industry, came to Lide Huafu company for a visit. A delegation composed of more than 30 foreign experts from lime's sales departments in the global industrial industry first came to the production workshop of Lide warford. Led by our technical engineers, we visited many production lines and assembly workshops to learn more about the application of lime products

with the support of national "863" and natural science foundation projects, general manager of Lide Huafu introduced the development history, production concept and product advantages of Lide Huafu to the members of the delegation, and explained in detail the research and application of Lide Huafu in the field of 3KV, 6kV, 10kv High-voltage converters, high-voltage converters with energy feedback function and 1.5MW wind power converters. In the process of communication between the two sides, we summarized the production process and the needs of the users we serve, and put forward expectations for the products of Lyme

the Lyme delegation spoke highly of Lide warford: "Your production workshops and warehouses are clean and tidy, with orderly management, which can be comparable with European factories; in Europe, 60 days is already a competitive delivery period, and your delivery period is only 25 days, which reflects the rapid market response of Lide Huafu electronic universal testing machine, which is powered by electromechanical capabilities; at the same time, Lide Huafu has a leading product technology in the same industry, which is also your continuous and rapid business growth Reason for. Lyme will also fully support the technological innovation of Lide Huafu with higher quality products and better services. "

finally, Lyme said, "we hope both sides will strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation. Lyme regards Lide warford as one of its most important suppliers and will provide better support in terms of technology, price and service response, depending on whether the rise or fall of the machine beam is smooth; good support."

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