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Lin Yijie set out from the great Gobi on foot to challenge the extreme. Delta strongly supported the shooting of high-quality documentary

Super marathon master Lin Yijie set out from Bei Er lake, Mongolia on June 23, and officially launched the extreme challenge of walking through the great Gobi in nearly 40 days and 3200 kilometers. This trip comes at the time of the most unstable climate in the Mongolian desert, but from the starting point, the Jinan experimental machine factory will introduce in detail the wedge load experiment and the difference between it and the tensile experiment. It will still upload high-quality videos and photos taken along the way to the official station through satellites from time to time, so that the fan group and the public can advance to the great Gobi synchronously through first-hand precious images, Experience the harsh environment of water shortage and the test of extreme climate, and then cherish water resources and protect the earth

delta group, which sponsors Lin Yijie's documentary through the Gobi to participate in the International Film Festival, provides two necessary secret weapons throughout the whole process. The latest innergie pocketcell Duo mobile power supply and Vivitek Qumi Q7 high-quality LED portable projector

in order to ensure that Lin Yijie's team can master the film quality, equipment and sufficient power at any time in the desert, delta group, which sponsors Lin Yijie to participate in the International Film Festival through the Gobi documentary, provides two necessary secret weapons throughout the whole process. The latest innergie pocketcel gives full play to the respective advantages and characteristics of multiple composite materials l Duo mobile power supply and Vivitek Qumi Q7 high-quality LED portable projector. Pocketcell duo, about the size of two lipstick sticks, is the world's smallest 6800mah dual USB mobile power supply, which can simultaneously charge two tablet computers or intelligent models. With the built-in five protection mechanisms, it can better ensure the safety of the product along the way; Qumi Q7 has 800 lumens of high brightness, 30000:1 high color contrast, and high resolution. It can play a 107 inch big picture, so that Lin Yijie can monitor and review the daily image records through the big picture at any time in the tent

the high-quality documentary filmed by Lin Yijie along his way through the Gobi will be uploaded to the official website from time to time for sharing. Welcome to respond enthusiastically and cheer for the team

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vivitek Qumi Q7 introduction

qumi Q7 portable projector has 800 lumen high brightness, 30000:1 high color contrast, high resolution and other features, and can play a 107 inch picture; This model has built-in Texas Instruments DLP 1 3D function and specially developed 2D to 3D image function, which can also convert 2D films into 3D films in real time. In addition, the Q7 weighing only 1.39 kg is designed with LED light source, which not only broadcasts colorful, bright and vivid pictures, but also has a long life of 30000 hours. It saves energy and money

about delta group

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