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Linboqiang: energy monopoly is not conducive to haze control.

is energy monopoly really conducive to haze control? What is the key to haze control? Lin Boqiang, director of the China Energy Economy Research Center at Xiamen University, believes that competition or monopoly is not directly related to the governance of smog. Is energy monopoly really conducive to the governance of smog? What is the key to haze control

Lin Boqiang, director of the China Energy Economy Research Center at Xiamen University, believes that competition or monopoly is not directly related to the governance of smog, and competition or monopoly cannot be discussed together with smog. Whether PetroChina and SINOPEC are monopolized or not, there will be haze. The governance of haze depends on the industrial structure and energy structure, and monopoly or non-monopoly has little impact on efficiency

on the other hand, the fixing screws of the active needle may loosen due to insufficient vibration and tightening. Lin Boqiang believes that the statement that monopoly is conducive to the control of smog is incorrect. Monopoly needs to be broken, and the pace of energy system reform cannot be slowed down. However, breaking monopoly is not just to control haze. Breaking monopoly has more social goals, including improving efficiency. At this stage, the economic slowdown has been unable to rely on extensive GDP growth to expand, and the future growth point mainly comes from the improvement of efficiency. The improvement of efficiency comes from reform and the breaking of monopoly. Although there are short-term benefits in the stage of rapid economic development, the situation of one country dominating the energy industry will affect the sustainable development of the industry

in Lin Boqiang's view, haze is the inevitable price for China's development. With more than 30 years of reform and opening up, China has moved from poverty to wealth. Haze and pollution are inevitable for China. In this process, the government can certainly do better, but we need to realize that this is the price that development has to pay. Developed countries have all followed this path, and China cannot be an exception. The problem now is how to solve it

Lin Boqiang believes that coal is the biggest problem. In addition to the excessive use of coal, there is also a problem that the price is too cheap. In the future, the focus should be on the formation of energy prices that fully reflect market supply and demand, environmental costs and resource scarcity costs, so that energy users face appropriate cost constraints, which will be conducive to energy conservation and improve energy efficiency. Shanxi Juhua 30000 ton aluminum based new material project officially commenced and industrial structure adjustment. Lin Boqiang believes that environmental pollution such as smog has made the public feel the negative externality of energy consumption on the environment. Therefore, the current is a good time for energy price reform

Lin Boqiang said that haze control is not a technical problem, but a cost problem. If it has the same strength as steel and is willing to pay the cost, there is no problem in haze control, as evidenced by APEC blue. The question is how much we want to pay and how much we can bear. Now China has economic strength and demands to solve this problem. Reducing the proportion of coal in the energy structure, improving the quality of oil products, and doing a good job in traffic management are all ways to solve the problem. I hope Chai Jing's film can arouse everyone's enthusiasm to pay. The problem of environmental protection is not how loud you shout, but how you behave when you pay. Lin Baiqiang said

environmental protection or economic development? Lin Boqiang believes that economic growth and environmental protection are not antagonistic, but the process is relatively slow and requires patience

as for Chai Jing's documentary, Lin Boqiang believes that it is meaningful in itself. For me, telling the truth is enough. From the perspective of professionals, this film may be one-sided, but it at least arouses the discussion of the whole society. This is the key for this film to stand out among many medical materials with its excellent characteristics

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