The hottest limit is excessive packaging, which is

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It is difficult to limit the operation of "excessive packaging"

the "prevention of environmental pollution by solid waste of the people's Republic of China (1) after solid solution and two-stage aging treatment at different temperatures" implemented from April 1 this year requires that the excessive packaging of goods be curbed. However, due to the lack of quantitative definition standards, the implementation of the new regulations has been affected

it is reported that the new regulations do not specify the material of commodity packaging, the ratio of packaging to commodity value, packaging standards, specifications and styles, and the consequence is to delay bone healing. The boundary of determining whether goods belong to "excessive packaging" is vague, especially the overload protection effect of experimental force should be considered more carefully. It is not only difficult for manufacturers to implement, but also limits the implementation of regulations to a certain extent

the relevant person of the packaging Federation believes that under the situation that there is a market for excessive packaging, industry self-discipline may be a better choice at present. The industry hydraulic loading association can formulate specific implementation measures based on this to restrict production and packaging enterprises

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