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Liling Qibin glass five production lines were all put into production to achieve a daily output of 3100 tons

recently, the fifth production line of Qibin glass was launched, which also marks that the daily output of Liling glass industry has successfully achieved the 3100 tons set at the beginning of making it more advanced. Liling has become a glass deep processing base with the most complete varieties, the highest quality and the most advanced technology in the province and even in the central region

Qibin glass line 5, which has just been put into production, mainly produces ordinary white glass. The oxygen combustion technology adopted by the enterprise, which can not be satisfied by other places, has attracted many "foreign apprentices" to learn from it. Since March 18, several "foreign apprentices" from Malaysia have started to observe and learn. A "foreign apprentice" named Li Zhiqiang told: through the actual operation and practice of various posts, I feel that I have benefited a lot. The technology of the fifth production line of Qibin glass is very advanced

it is learned that the fifth production line of Qibin glass can produce 600 tons of oxy solar film glass every day, which is mainly used in automotive and electronic industries. Because of the adoption of the world-leading all oxygen combustion technology, and the significant adjustment and investment in the kiln structure design, refractory material selection and technical difficulties, the energy-saving effect of Qibin glass line 5 is super. Chen Lixin, manager of Qibin glass manufacturing department, said that compared with the air combustion supporting method of the leading, second and third production lines, the oxy fuel of the fifth production line has a very obvious emission reduction effect on the process parameters of all extrusion processes, such as melt pressure and temperature, body temperature of each section, rotation speed of main screw and feeding screw, and feeding volume burning method. The nitrogen oxide content in flue gas can be reduced by 58% to 90%, Dust emission can also be reduced by about 80%

Tang Liping, general manager of Qibin glass office, said that the completion of the fifth production line has two great significance: leading, marking the completion of the five production lines of Qibin glass in Liling; Second, the construction of oxy fuel combustion kiln marks another solid step for Qibin glass in the glass industry in terms of new processes and technologies

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