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Natural rubber: the rising range of spot premium restricts the rise.

TOCOM resumed trading on Wednesday. Japan closed for holidays for the first two days, strong spot, the independent rise of Shanghai Rubber and the successive surge of crude oil at the beginning of this week have been brewing sentiment for the replenishment of Japanese rubber, focusing on the development of magnesium alloy and carbon fiber composite technology. The benchmark October contract of Japanese rubber market opened higher at a high price of 308.0 yen in the morning. The highest price was 308.9 yen and the lowest was 305.4 yen. As of 15:00 Beijing time, it closed at 307.3 yen, an increase of more than 8 yen, and the position increased to more than 17000 hands. The multi trend of Japanese rubber market funds has not changed, but it is expected that this sharp rise will not be easy to last long, and it will face the pressure of crude oil correction at any time, and the high profit will be stopped

Shanghai glue made a technical correction yesterday. The opening price of the main contract 809 was 22700, the highest was 22720, the lowest was 22270, and the closing price was 22285. The intraday glue price fell, and the transaction was active. The trading volume of the day was 236064 hands, and the position continued to increase to 94822 hands

the main production area of natural rubber in China has delayed the opening of cutting, and the output has not yet fully recovered. Therefore, the fundamental supply situation has not changed in a stable, reliable and substantial manner, and the spot is still in short supply. Chinarubber yesterday traded 480 tons of No. 5 standard glue, with an average transaction price of 23469 yuan/ton, up more than 1000 yuan from late April; The price of concentrated latex is relatively stable, and 104 tons were traded yesterday, with an average transaction price of 15408 yuan/ton. Thailand's natural rubber has not been cut on a large scale in the international market, and the market is still dominated by 90 degree stripping of consumption inventory, which is good for the rubber market in the short term. However, yesterday's technical correction of Shanghai Rubber showed that the decrease in the margin of spot premium restricted the upward space of rubber prices, and this rebound is expected to come to an end before the end of the month

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