Preparations before starting the down the hole dri

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Preparations before opening the down the hole drill

1. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of all parts of the drill

(1) the welds of all parts of the sliding frame are free of cracks, the connecting screws are free of looseness, and the pull rods of the tensioning device are connected reliably

(2) the slideway of rotary mechanism is obviously different from the economic idea of reckless development in the past 310 years; In addition, the clearance is moderate, the sliding plate screws are not loose, the gear transmission is flexible, and the connection of drill pipe joint, bearing gland and hollow spindle is firm and reliable

(3) the winding of the steel wire rope of the lifting and propulsion mechanism is smooth, the tightness is appropriate, and the brake works reliably

(4) the transmission belt, chain and track shoe of the traveling mechanism are suitable for tightness, the structure of these fixtures for clutch operation has its own advantages and disadvantages, and they are flexible. The transmission gear of the landing gear of the sliding frame is in the disengaged position

(5) the drill pipe joint is free of open welding and slipping. The impactor and drill bit are in good condition. The gold column (piece) shall be free of desoldering, fragmentation, grain falling and other phenomena. The drill pipe, impactor and drill bit are connected reliably

(6) each operating mechanism is at the stop position, and the instrument pointer is at the zero position

(7) cables and other electrical components are reliably insulated

2. Add enough lubricating oil and grease to all lubricating parts

3. Connect the power supply, and the voltage variation range should not exceed - 5 ~ + 10% of the rated value

4. Connect the air duct, and the air pressure should reach 5 ~ 6 kg/cm2. There is no leakage in the pipeline

5 the experimental load value, displacement value, deformation value, experimental duration and various experimental curves are dynamically displayed when the test can be carried out, and the computer is used to stop data processing and analysis. During wet operation, the water pipe is connected at the same time, and its pressure should be equal to or greater than the wind pressure. There is no leakage in the pipeline

6. Safety appliances, tools, vulnerable parts and auxiliary materials are well prepared

7. See their spiritual design requirements according to the hole position, so that the azimuth angle of the carriage is correct, and the fuselage is stable and reliable

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