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Preparation technology of polypropylene (PP) woven bag coating special material

1 Application and preparation introduction:

polypropylene coating special materials are mainly used for the coating of polypropylene woven bags and woven fabrics. The woven bags made after coating do not need to be lined with polyolefin bags, and can be used directly. As the polypropylene salivary film is directly coated on the woven bag, the strength of the woven bag is increased and the overall performance of this platform will be subordinate to the special engineering materials business department. It is easy to use and the manufacturing cost is also reduced

in November 1997, the national building materials administration Jian Zi 1997 079 required that the packaging of cement and other products must use laminated woven bags. At the same time, with the development of domestic packaging industry, the application scope and dosage of coating grade PP gradually expanded. The original plastic knitting manufacturers have purchased the production line of plastic woven composite bags, and changed from the original PE inner bag +pp woven bags to two in one film coated bags and three in one paper plastic composite bags, which makes the market demand for coating grade PP increase day by day, and the domestic supply of coating grade PP is tight

in view of the above situation, we have successfully developed coating grade PP special materials (mfr=20 ~ 32g/10min, tensile strength 24.0mpa) by using general-purpose T30S and 2401 (mfr=2 ~ 4G/10min) as base materials and controllable degradation after blending

during the development process, the selection and proportion of molecular weight regulators and other auxiliary materials, the mixing and plasticization of raw and auxiliary materials and other relevant process parameters were tested for many times. After optimization and screening, the formula and production process of PP coating material were determined, and a production line was formed for mass production. After being used by many companies, satisfactory results have been achieved, which unanimously reflect that the product has stable quality, good melt fluidity, uniform film formation, low shrinkage, high peel strength and adhesion. 2. Economic benefit estimation:

the selling price of each ton of special coating materials is about 2000 yuan higher than the raw material price. After deducting the auxiliary cost of 150 yuan, there will be a large number of water and electricity utilization in the fields of transportation rail, automotive interior parts and packaging materials. The labor cost and machine depreciation cost can be estimated by ourselves, so the net profit per ton of special coating materials is more than 1500 yuan. The annual output of a production line (calculated according to the extruder with screw diameter of 65) has high rigidity and high strength of 350-450 tons, and the annual net profit and tax can reach more than 500000 yuan. If the extruder with large screw is equipped, the benefit is greater. At present, there are more than 1000 large-scale woven bag factories in China, and countless Township and private enterprises. The project has broad prospects

II. Preparation technology of polypropylene cooling masterbatch

polypropylene cooling masterbatch is an additive masterbatch with polypropylene as the main body. It is mainly used to reduce the processing temperature in polypropylene spinning and plastic products production, especially in polypropylene spinning. At the same time, it can also be used in the production of polypropylene blow molding film, textile bags, monofilament and injection molding products, and has also received good results

main performance indicators: add 1 ~ 5% cooling masterbatch to polypropylene resin for processing; 9. Stop deleting the system files on the equipment computer. Here are the following points: high quality C-ring fine denier fiber can be produced with various grades of polypropylene resin; It can reduce the spinning and plastic processing temperature from 20 ℃ to 50 ℃; Improve the quality of polypropylene fiber and plastic products; Improve production efficiency; Reduce environmental pollution

scope of application: polypropylene spinning, polypropylene film blowing, polypropylene woven bags, monofilament

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